Monica Reveals She’s Joining Nicki Minaj On ‘Pink Friday 2’ Tour

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Monica announced that she is joining Nicki Minaj on her upcoming Pink Friday 2 tour.

The singer, who is also on the album ‘Pink Friday 2’, shared the exciting news when she appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Monica goes on tour with Nicki Minaj

In the episode, which aired on Thursday (February 8), Monica revealed that she will be hitting the road with rapper ‘Big Foot’ for the entire North American leg of the tour.

“I have the opportunity to hit all these cities that mean so much to me. Atlanta, of course, New Orleans, [and] Nashville. We’re coming to every town we can,” she told Hudson. “I’m very grateful to Nicki because she’s one of the people who always said, ‘Monica meant everything to my childhood.'”

She also thanked Minaj for remembering and appreciating her contributions to the music industry over the years.

“Some people, they act like they forget. So it’s good not to be forgotten and called out for things like that. So, we’re going to show up and show up,” she continued.

The tour kicks off on March 1st in Oakland, California, and ends on May 13th in Oklahoma.

It’s no secret that Minaj has long been a fan of Monica’s music.

But apparently not many people knew how their love for each other’s art had turned into a close friendship between the two.

Minaj had previously touched on her relationship with Monica – as well as Keyshia Cole – during an IG Live session while promoting their song ‘Love Me Enough’ together.

Along the way, Minaj uses her lyrical prowess to preach about self-worth, saying that we should all love ourselves enough not to settle for less than we are. deserve it.

Monica opens up about her relationship with Nicki

When asked about how close she was to Minaj and how the collaboration came about, Monica began by highlighting the continued love she received from the New Yorker.

“I think our friendship was the catalyst, and just being there to let her know that I support her like I always have. [for] Me and my career is a good thing,” she told Billboard at the Grammys on Sunday (Feb. 4). “It was just fun. I’m glad she used me and Keyshia [Cole]another person who is dear to my heart and who really stands for the same things I do.”


@Monica🖤 talked to Billboard about her friendship with #NickiMinaj & revealed if she’d listened to “Big Foot” yet on the Clive Davis Pre-#Grammys Gala red carpet. #monica #clivedavis #interview #barbz #bigfoot #pinkfriday2

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Following the announcement, fans were quick to share their thoughts on social media, with one person calling it a “full circle moment.”

User @WantSomeOnika_ wrote on X:

“Monica coming on Pink Friday 2 tour with Nicki Minaj is such an iconic and full circle moment!” I can’t wait to see it!”

Another X user by the name of @DaPrinceSleeze shared a clip back of Minaj having the time of her life dancing while Monica performed.

The accompanying tweet read, “This is how Monica makes us feel and Nicki Minaj wants to share this with her fans. If you don’t know who Monica is, I want to listen to Monica’s music. Look at that smile.”

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