Mo’Nique reveals that she grew out of an open marriage

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Mo’Nique remains open about her open marriage to Sidney Hicks, although she now explains how she “grew out of” the last arrangement.

Mo’Nique welcomes a ‘New Chapter’ with her family

Her comments came during a recent sit down with The Hollywood Reporterand the comedian began by talking about how she and her family are currently welcoming a “new chapter”.

“It’s a new chapter, but not because of Hollywood. It’s a new chapter because my babies are graduating high school. It’s a new chapter because my grandson will be going to kindergarten next year, and my granddaughter to the fifth grade.”

Mo’Nique said, “Those things, for me, are the priority.”

Mo’Nique reveals that she is no longer in an open marriage

On the subject of an open marriage, the “Queen of Comedy” wanted to talk about how she and her husband had reconciled in the past, which has spoken about Mo’Nique and Sidney’s open relationship podcast.

While he is talking to THRMo’Nique revealed that they have both started putting the brakes on their extramarital endeavors, because “life started happening. “

In particular, she said she realized she “didn’t want to sacrifice” what she and Sidney had “just to lie.” Mo’Nique also spoke about how she started to “see strength [she] never seen before.” As a result, the Bessie the actress “grew out of it.”

“Life started happening. I began to see a strength I had never seen before. He loved me at my worst. I didn’t want to sacrifice that just to lie. So I grew out of that. “

In addition to discussing the moving dynamics of their relationship, Mo’Nique also praised her husband for being “the best manager.”

“He’s the best manager I’ve ever had. And I’ve had the big boys.”

She first opened up about her open marriage 17 years ago: ‘People lost their minds’

Mo’Nique first opened up about the arrangement back in a 2006 interview Foundation.

When she later reflected on the revelation, she spoke of how the marriage was completely open in her opinion, as she “still wanted to have sex with who [she] he was seeing.”

“It was not Sidney’s idea to have an open marriage. It was me.”

While the situation worked for her and Sidney, Mo’Nique acknowledged the public’s sarcastic response to the case, as she said, “People lost their minds.”

She went on to say, “They thought we had these orgies.

However, she noted that – as they are both busy with their children – “there is not much time to do a lot of slinging. “

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