Mo’Nique Speaks Out To DL Hughley After Calling Him A “Liar”

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Mo’Nique took to Instagram to respond DL Hughleywho attacked the comedian during her interview on ‘Club Shay Shay’ this week.

To catch you up to speed, Mo’Nique sat down for a three-hour chat Shannon Sharpeand podcast, which was released on Wednesday (February 7).

DL Hughley angrily talks to “Lying” Monique

During one part of their conversation, Mo’Nique talked about her falling out with Hughley back in 2022 over a contract dispute at a concert in Detroit.

She said that they had not been cool before this incident, saying that he had been talking badly about her for years.

But on this particular night, Hughley had refused to go on stage if the organizers of the event would allow Mo’Nique to close the stand-up special.

He said his memo called him the headliner of the show.

However, Mo’Nique told Sharpe that his contract said otherwise, sparking a huge spat between the pair on social media at the time.

Things got so ugly and personal that it even led to Mo’Nique raising Hughley’s daughter, Ryan Nicole Sheparda survivor of sexual assault.

She boldly questioned why Hughley had so much to say about other people but “won’t call out the name of the person who broke his daughter.”

Mo’Nique later apologized, and the two quietly moved on from the drama.

But after mentioning his name, Hughley responded to her interview in a long statement.

He said that the reason trouble followed Mo’Nique wherever she went was because she was the problem.

In addition, Hughley accused Mo’Nique of telling a lie which still makes him angry.

Hughley said that Mo’Nique once told fans that he watched as his daughter was sexually assaulted.

“Mo’Nique took that sh** up and told the world that I allowed my daughter to be raped in front of me. The lying mother ****r.”

Mo’Nique responds to DL Hughley

The ‘Precious’ actress wasted no time setting up her iPhone in her office which seemed to set the record straight on what really happened.

Along with her husband and manager, Sidney HicksThe 56-year-old addressed Hughley’s comments about his daughter.

The 56-year-old claimed that the information about his daughter was already public because Hughley brought it to light. Not Mo’Nique.

But she disputed Hughley’s claim.

“DL Uisdean, That’s your conscience talking to you, brother; I never said that. And I want to be clear about something else. I wouldn’t try to do anything to harm your babies because we got babies too. But, what I was saying to your daughter – and to the other girls out there – I know what it’s like for your father to know you’ve been touched and he won’t protect you. “

In addition, the comedian also responded to Charlamagne’s apology to her recently.

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Swipe below to check out her statements.

After her interview with Sharpe garnered an impressive 4.5 million views in just over 24 hours, Mo’Nique had another announcement to make.

She announced that she was with her “twin brother” Katt Williams on The Dark Matter Tour, which started in Texas on January 12.

Mo’Nique confirmed that her first show with Williams will be on February 9 in Connecticut, with the tour running until May 11, when she ends in Missouri.

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