Mr Biden’s ‘hello’s’ with Hunter associates, fired by Dems, proof of lies: lawyer

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Democrats who reject testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business partner that Joe Biden occasionally interjected, ‘hello’s into conversations between Hunter’s son and his foreign associates are doing so in their own peril, a leading civil rights attorney told Fox News on Tuesday.

Devon Archer, who is to report to prison after being convicted of defrauding a Native American tribal group, revealed that Vice President Biden was called on the phone for “niceties” with the individuals Hunter talked about several times, according to lawmakers who agreed. part of Archer’s closed door interview.

Asked by reporters whether the revelations contradicted President Biden’s repeated assurances that he had no knowledge of or involvement in Hunter’s foreign affairs, the t -Rev Daniel Goldman, DNY, from the opinion:

“He never said he never talked to anybody, he said he had nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s affairs.”


Joe and Hunter Biden at Fort McNair

President Joe Biden for not publicly acknowledging his seventh grandchild, born out of the marriage of Hunter Biden and former prostitute Lunden Roberts. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“If he says hello to someone with whom he sees a son, should he say ‘Hi, son’? [but not] say hello to the other people at the table or to the other people on the phone?

Meanwhile on “Morning Joe,” Rep. James Himes, D-Conn., suggested there was no conclusion that President Biden engaged in “corrupt behavior” and that the veep at the time instead of “on some phone calls talking about the weather. “

Los Angeles civil rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell strongly rejected those defenses, saying Archer’s testimony further undermines President Biden’s “commitment to the American people.”

“The reports of Beau Biden’s death have nothing to do with influence peddling,” Terrell said on “The Story.” “Let’s be very clear … this witness has prove that he was lying.”

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Of President Biden’s repeated public allegations of involvement in or knowledge of Hunter’s affairs, Terrell said it is notable that all of them were made before the newspaper or the another place, and not under oath.

“If it was in a courtroom, it would have been debunked in court based on that evidence — the statements by Archer,” he said.

Terrell argued that House Republicans are essentially doing what the Justice Department refuses to do, which is to look deeper and more directly into business deals. the Biden family. The FBI, he said, should have taken aggressive action after Hunter’s plea deal collapsed last week in Wilmington federal court.

“Where is the Department of Justice? Where is the FBI in Hunter Biden’s plea agreement that was designed to basically immunize Hunter Biden from any of these crimes?

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“That’s why that plea deal is suspect. This is a road leading to Joe Biden – and unfortunately Joe Biden has been guilty of influence peddling,” he said. .

In a separate interview with Fox News, Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., said he would be sensitive if his wife or child invited him, as a member of Congress, to dinner the same way he did Hunter by Joe.

“One of the first questions out of my mouth is, who’s at that dinner? I don’t show up just because, especially if you’re the vice president of the United States. So this goes to high heaven. It is a victory. It’s public corruption,” Donalds said Monday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

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