Mr Ibu’s wife talks about alleged plans to buy iPhone 15 And BBL surgery, reveals what really happened

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"What good wife asks for a car when her husband is sick.  ” - Answers as Mr. Ibu's wife and daughter, Jasmine again

Stella, the wife of the famous Nollywood actor Mr. Ibupresenting her side of the story, denying plans to use Mr. Ibu’s donations to buy an iPhone and make BBL and accusing her stepson and Jasmine of preparing to move to the UK as a couple.

VeryDarkman, the activist, had accused Mr. Ibu’s wife, Stella, of trying to take advantage of funds allocated for Mr. Ibu’s hospital bills for personal gain.

He said Mr. Ibu’s wife wanted money from the money collected for the actor’s medical bills to buy a new phone and have BBL surgery.

She disputed everything VeryDarkman accused her of in a lengthy denial.

She asked him a rhetorical question, asking if he thought she was so insensitive to think about buying an iPhone and doing BBL when her husband, with whom she lived, is 16 a year with him, lying in a sick bed.

She said that jasmine had been lying to her about everything and that she did it because she asked her for an account statement to find out what was coming in and going out. go out

Mr Ibu’s wife also said that her stepson and Jasmine are planning to move to the UK as a couple.

See her post below:

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