Natalia Scudder stew season 8

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In the end, Natalia took the name of Captain Sandy Yawn to the bridge to officially retire.

“In addition to the personal stuff that’s going on at home, stuff has been going on internally as well,” she explained. “Kyle and Max [Salvador] there was a bit of a fight in front of everyone. Max was trying to say something like, ‘I support your community, Kyle,’ but Kyle, I think, was drunk. I tried to tell Kyle to relax. He turned around and was just like I’m a b—ha and no one should ever take advice from me, I’m in the most f–ked up relationship anyone has ever had table. I thought he was one of my best friends.”

Shocked, Sandy replied, “That’s not right. That’s bullying.”

Saying goodbye to Natalia was emotional. “I feel like I need to leave now,” she told the captain. “I just don’t feel good in my environment. I feel safe, but I don’t feel good.”

And Sandy understood completely.

“I will never find a man as good as you,” she said to the yacht. “Of course I want you to stay, but if you want to leave, your mental health is worth nothing. Give me a hug.”

What will become of Kyle after the fight? Sandy immediately gave him a stern warning about his behavior towards Natalia and two other members of the team.

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