Navy wife surprises husband with newborn daughter during airport meeting: ‘It was magic in his eyes’

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A military wife recently surprised her husband with their one-week-old baby after training camp hundreds of miles away.

Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez, of Pensacola, Florida, told Fox News Digital that she gave birth to her daughter, Lyla Hadassah, on February 1.

At the time, her husband was going through Navy boot camp training in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Her husband, Roger Rodriguez Paez, who is from Venezuela, officially became a US citizen on the very day their little Lyla was born.

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He also graduated from boot camp this past Thursday.

Talk about major life milestones: Roger Rodriguez Paez became a father, a US citizen and a Navy sailor all in one week.

Roger holding Lyla in the airport

Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez surprised her husband with their daughter a week after graduating from camp. (Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez)

Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez explained that she and her husband were hoping for a baby girl.

The couple decided to do things the old fashioned way – and waited to find out the baby’s gender until the big day.

“We didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, but we both really wanted a girl,” she said.

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The mother had a difficult delivery the first time, but in the end she delivered a healthy baby girl. Initially checking with medical professionals, Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez – who works as a labor and delivery nurse – decided to make the trip to see her husband.

She said she ran with the child’s pediatrician and another doctor, and they both agreed to the trip.

“They were both like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine. Just keep her covered. Don’t let people come and talk to her,'” she said.

Ashleigh, Roger and Lyla

Roger Rodriguez Paez and his newborn daughter met for the first time after the Navy sailor graduated from boot camp. (Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez)

On the day Roger Rodriguez Paez graduated, the couple met at the airport in Chicago.

The heartwarming video showed the couple embracing before the new father held his daughter for the first time.

“When he saw us, he was running through the airport, and he gave me a hug,” said Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez. “And then I gave it to Lyla … it was magic in his eyes.”

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“I guess that’s super cheesy, but he was just so tired,” she said.

The new mother was told that she liked her husband even more when she saw him as a parent. Speaking to Fox News Digital, she said that she can confirm, for her, that the idea is true.

Ashleigh holding Lyla in the delivery room

Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez gave birth to her daughter, Lyla Hadassah, on February 1 while her husband was away at Navy boot camp. (Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez)

“That was like a moment for me, seeing it with her for the first time… because it felt like I was a single parent, in a sense,” she said.

“So it was really reassuring when I finally got them together, and he finally got to meet her, and then we could have some family time together.

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She emphasized that her husband’s absence from her delivery was just as difficult for her as it was for her.

“This is a big sacrifice for him, since he’s gone,” she said.

Roger and Ashleigh standing in the Navy office

Venezuelan-born Roger Rodriguez Paez became a father, a US citizen and a Navy sailor all in the same week. (Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez)

“He’s not alone. You know, there are other men in his division when he graduated, going through the same thing… It’s just amazing what these Navy sailors and military people others do for their families.”

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Roger Rodriguez Paez will now go through tech school at Great Lakes. The couple plans to move with their baby girl to San Diego from there, Ashleigh Rodriguez Paez told Fox News Digital.

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