Netizens react to Pete Davidson X Kaley Cuoco Meet Cute trailer

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The trailer for Pete Davidson x Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming film Meet Cute has everyone talking on Twitter. Mayur is planning to bring a movie premiere this month that will excite everyone. However, as the trailer of the film unfolds, not everyone seems to be impressed.

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Meet Cute to premiere this September

Mayur is soon to premiere the movie Meet Cute. The film stars Pete Davidson x Kaley Cuoco. Meet Cute is a romantic comedy film that is slated to release on September 21. Directed by Alex Lehmann, the film will bring the story of Sheila and Gary.

Meet Cute is a love story about Sheila and Gary falling in love. The story also involves Sheila finding a time machine to go back in time to find the right man. The audience is eager to watch the film. The trailer of this film has already come out.

Twitter reaction to Pete Davidson x Kaley Cuoco meet cutetrailer of

The trailer of Meet Cute, a romantic comedy themed film, was released this week. However, it seems that not everyone is happy with the trailer of the film. With a mixed review of the Meet Cute trailer, we find Sheila and Gary in it.

The trailer shows both the characters in a bar bonding as if they know each other. The trailer also introduces the concept of a time machine as it affects Sheila and Gary’s love story, often favoring the former. But users are definitely not happy with the trailer as they waited for the movie to release.

Viewers were not impressed with the trailer of Meet Cute

We all know how excited the audience is to watch the movie Meet Cute. However, before the actual release, the trailer of the film did not leave a good impression on everyone. When the trailer of Peacock Meets Cute came out, we got rave reviews from everyone on the trailer that was hard to miss.

Some users were not impressed to see Pete Davidson in the film. One wrote about the trailer asking if it was an SNL trailer parody. Some even said that Pete was not funny.

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