New ‘Jason Bourne’ movie coming

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Jason Bourne may continue his legacy in another series.

According to new reports, Universal is “in talks” to hire a director for a new Jason Bourne adventure. It was the sixth film in the franchise, following an original trilogy of films starring Matt Damon as Bourne, a spinoff set in the same universe without Damon, and then the fifth film to bring back Damon for one last adventure. Or, at least, it appearance like one last adventure at a time.

Now, according to Deadline, Universal wants to get back in the Bourne business and talks to Edward Berger, director of Netflix’s recent version of All quiet on the West Front, to lead the project. They claim that the film is still “in early development” and that Berger has yet to sign on to the project. At this point, they say, Damon is not officially engaged…

Matt Damon, who starred as Bourne in four of the five films, has been asked to return in the iconic role once the script is complete. As always, everything has to be executed perfectly for Damon to even consider returning to the franchise and that starts with a great script and story so so far there are no guarantees from him until all that is in place.

The Bourne Supremacy
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Although it seems unusual to make a Jason Bourne movie without Matt Damon, Universal has already done it once. Follow up The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007, they decided to continue the series with a new hero played by Jeremy Renner. This movie, The Bourne legacy, set in the same world, featured another super spy from Bourne’s shadow organization, Treadstone. Although the film did not receive good reviews, it still grossed around $275 million worldwide. Universal later convinced Damon and director Paul Greengrass to return for 2016 Jason Bournewhich did not get good reviews either did $415 million worldwide.

Based on the series of books by the late Robert Ludlum, the series began with 2002’s The Bourne Identity. In addition to the films, the franchise has video games, a TV series (Prey stone), and even a theme park attraction, “The Bourne Stuntacular.”

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