New MH370 study says ‘three-part puzzle’ could uncover ‘hidden details of plane’ | World | News

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Mr Lyne wrote: “Here, I reflect, as part of the “backlash cenario” process, on the PIC route assuming that it may be a puzzle with hidden design details until the start of the route to right (at the north turn) and endpoint obfuscate simulation of flight path intentions.

“A three-part puzzle was identified where the PL position diverged, as the pivot point (Part 1), north way (Part 2), and south way (Part 3).

“With Part 1 resolved, Part 2’s northerly path length of ~5000 km fits perfectly the path length predicted by PL theory, if a southeasterly turn to a strictly PL location occurs near southwest corner Jindalee Over-the-Horizon Radar. Network field (JORN) (a crucial fundamental feature of PL theory).

“The length of the right track of Part 3 (~1480 km) is exactly the same distance as the PL location to Perth Airport.”

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