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Doctors say Hamlin, who suffered a heart attack and collapsed at a US football game last week, is ‘doing well’.

United States football player Damar Hamlin has been transferred to a hospital in Buffalo, his doctors said, a week after the 24-year-old suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a National Football League (NFL) game.

Hamlin, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, was released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center on Monday and then flown to Buffalo, where he will continue treatment at another hospital. He was listed in stable condition at Buffalo General Medical Center.

β€œI can confirm that he is doing well. And this is the beginning of the next phase of recovery,” said Dr. William Knight, one of Hamlin’s doctors in Cincinnati.

Hamlin’s fall during the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals last Monday prompted shock and panic, followed by an outpouring of support and well wishes from fans and other athletes.

In the days since, doctors have said that Hamlin’s condition has improved significantly, and he has reportedly been walking, eating regularly, and receiving treatment since Friday. .

On Saturday, doctors said Hamlin’s brain functions were “excellent” but noted he was still in critical condition. “We are still very excited about his recovery,” said Dr. Timothy Pritts.

In a tweet on Monday, Hamlin thanked the medical team at the Cincinnati hospital where he received treatment and said that the doctors and nurses at Buffalo General “have already done it.” [him] feel at home”, too.

Hamlin cheered on the Bills from his hospital bed Sunday, as his teammates wore uniform patches in his honor as they took on the New England Patriots.

“It was truly an amazing feeling to watch the world around me on Sunday,” Hamlin tweeted. “The same love you all showed me is the same love I plan to show back to the world again.”

Hamlin’s heart stopped Jan. 2 after making a routine tackle in the first quarter against the Bengals. The game was initially postponed before being officially canceled later this week.

Other members of the NFL have welcomed Hamlin’s rapid progress, including Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, who called the news of Hamlin’s move to Buffalo “unbelievable.”

β€œI mean, just think about it – that was a week, not even a week ago. There’s nobody in this room who expected him to be in Buffalo,” Taylor said. “God is great. He works miracles. This is definitely a miracle, there’s no question about it.

“And just an amazing moment for Damar.”

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