Nicholas Hoult will be Superman: Legacy’s Lex Luthor

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Watch out, Man of Steel. A new Lex Luthor is coming your way.

That would have been reported to be Nicholas Hoult, the writer/director who chose James Gunn to portray his new arch-nemesis Superman in the next episode. Superman: Legacy. Gunn has already cast David Corenswet as the new Superman and Rachel Brosnahan as the new Lois Lane.

Gunn also added Venezuelan actress María Gabriela de Faría to the cast of Superman: Legacy in the role of the Engineer, who has been described in many trade reports as the “villain” of the film, but is much more typically depicted in DC Comics as a member of the antiheroic Authority team.

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Deadline says that “a movie star was always expected” for the role of Lex Luthor in the new film, which will launch the new DC film and TV universe led by Gunn. In the past, Luthor was played in films by Gene Hackman (in Superman, Superman IIand Superman IV: The Quest for Peace), Kevin Spacey (in Superman is back) and Jesse Eisenberg (in The Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand Justice League). Luthor was also memorably played for seven seasons Baile Beag by actor Michael Rosenbaum.

Hoult’s breakthrough role as a child actor was in 2002 About a Boy and it’s been working pretty much ever since. He has plenty of experience in comic book movies; he played the young version of Beast in the Fox X-Men prequel movies First Class, Days in the future past, Apocalypseand Dark Phoenix. He also had a very memorable role as Nux in Mad Max: Fury Roadand recently played the title role in the horror comedy Renfield.

Superman: Legacy currently set to open in theaters on July 11, 2025. The final installment in the DC Extended Universe, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomopens in theaters on December 22.

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