Nicole Kidman & Zoe Saldana star in Yellowstone Creator’s new show

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Special Options: Lioness, the new series from prolific TV creator Taylor Sheridan, now has an official photo gallery featuring its cast. The series follows a CIA department in which an elite team of women are trained to operate covert missions. The team is led by producers Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldaña as well Locke & Keyand Laysla De Oliveira and an ensemble that includes Dave Annable, LaMonica Garrett, Jonah Wharton, Hannah Love Lanier, and Morgan Freeman.

Today, Vanity Fair share a preview of the Lion a series full of photos at the premiere with Kidman, Saldaña, and the rest of the cast. The images show two different sides of Lioness’ work, showing Saldaña’s character out on the front lines in combat fatigues and in the office dressed in suits dealing with the -her senior staff, including Nicole Kidman’s Kaityn Meade. The images also feature Laysla De Oliveira as undercover operative Cruz Manuelos, Michael Kelly as CIA’s Byron Westfield, and Stephanie Nur as wealthy heiress Aaliyah. Check out the first look photos below:

Everything we know about Lion

Nicole Kidman leans towards the camera in Paddington

While most of Sheridan’s television series have been neowesterns like his 2016 film Hell or High Water, Special Options: Lioness it is expected to be much more similar to his previous tour in 2015 Sicario by Emily Blunt and get outis Daniel Kaluuya. With a group of complex women at the helm, this series will be much more of a law enforcement procedural. The story that this special series follows in its first season is Cruz undercover befriending Aaliyah as her father is a target of a global terrorist organization, although their connection and her double life finally weighing on Cruz.

Cruz is a hardened soldier who is not used to Aaliyah’s pampered life, especially since she is coming out of an abusive relationship. The other characters are just as complex, including Joe’s Zoe Saldaña, who has to balance her desire to be a quiet mother of two with her all-consuming duties as the head of the station. Kaitlyn’s Kidman, Joe’s supervisor, must also face difficult decisions about whether the lives of the workers are worth the sanctity of the mission.

For a long time, Sheridan has been on top of the world with the Yellow stone universe. However, the main branch of that series is on shaky ground now that it has been announced that star Kevin Costner will not be returning afterwards. Yellow stone season 5. It seems so Special Options: Lioness comes just in time to remind the world that Sheridan’s knack for star-studded TV drama has not once been marred by this backstage drama.

Source: Vanity Fair

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