No wonder Marvel is ordering us to forget Canon for the first time in 15 years is mind-boggling

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The long awaited first look trailer Echo The upcoming series finally got a big surprise, but then Marvel went right ahead and dropped the ball by announcing that the Alaqua Cox vehicle will be the first in a new underworld through- of MCU content: Marvel Spotlight.

According to producer Brad Winderbaum, Marvel Spotlight is a new brand of Marvel Studios productions that are unnecessary to the entire franchise, like those “comics fans who didn’t have to read.” As well as being the first time the House of Ideas has told us not to disregard wider continuity – you know, the thing that makes the MCU the unique shared universe that defines business – in fifteen years, people are also getting confused about that. Echoof all things, the first Marvel Spotlight project.

As the trailer makes it abundantly clear, Echo directly following the events and narrative Hawk, in which we learned that Maya Lopez was the Kingpin’s adopted daughter and, on top of that, she shot him in the eye after discovering the truth of his evil ways. So those who are tying themselves in knots over the Marvel Studios subreddit trying to make sense of this paradox are more than forgiven.

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez aka Echo in Marvel's Echo on Disney Plus
Screenplay via Disney Plus / Marvel Studios

“Marvel Spotlight says they have separate MCU projects that aren’t connected and they are [d]touching to Echo,” shared one multiplex user, “but it wouldn’t [n]that he would have looked Hawk to know about her and why Kingpin a [m]looking for an eye?”

Others argue that at the same time Echo there is some dependence on it Hawk, it’s not like what happened between Maya and Wilson Fisk that can’t be recovered relatively easily in the show. Meanwhile, many other MCU productions require a lot of background knowledge going back years and years. In general, most people think that Marvel Spotlight simply translates as “anything that has nothing to do with the Avengers”. As one user said, “I think they mean ‘don’t expect Echo to arrange for Secret wars or any vital Avengers material.”

Regardless, everything Marvel Studios has done since 2008 has been promoted as part of a larger whole, so now that even official productions are treated as Marvel Television offerings it leaves fans question everything about the makeup of the MCU. And you thought Echo it wasn’t going to matter.

Echo hits Disney Plus in a batch of five bingeable episodes on January 10.

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