NOIDA’S TWIN TOWERS DEMOLITION VIDEO: Why Are Noida Twin Towers Being Demolished? Reason Explained!

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Noida’s Twin Towers Demolition Video: Why are Noida Twin Towers being demolished? Reason Explained!, Welcome to #NOIDAS #TWIN #TOWERS #DEMOLITION #VIDEO #Noida #Twin #Towers #Demolished #Reason #Explained EODBA BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

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Good luck everyone and news of the recently famous Noida Towers demolition coming in about 12 minutes. After years of court battles against the company, the residents of the surrounding society are all happy to see justice. It is not just a development of famous architecture but it is a corruption bust. It is taller than Qutub Minar and is located in Noida and is manufactured by Supertech. The height of the tower is about 103 and the demolition work will be done today at 2:30 pm. FOLLOW OUR WEBSITE 50MINDS.COM.COM FOR LATEST UPDATES!!!!!

Noida Twin Towers Demolition Live Updates
Why are Noida Twin Towers being demolished?

As permitted by the government, a South African company took matters into their own hands and planted about 4,000 kg of explosives. This whole process was ordered by the Supreme Court of the country and it violates many rules. The building was allowed to have only 14 towers and around nine floors but it was built with more than 30 and hence they have violated many norms and thus interfering with the normal life of the people in the neighborhood. The entire demolition process will take only 9 seconds and will generate about 70000 kg of concrete waste residue.

Noida Twin Towers Demolition Live Updates

Many officers were arrested for paying bribes. The profit margins for the company were increasing significantly and they were trying to sell more flats and violating the guidelines. Initially, the Super Tech Group won the case in the Allahabad High Court in 2012, but it was later challenged in the Supreme Court, the verdict was delivered in the last few weeks and is set to be overturned due to technical difficulties. The company was established in 1988. They have constructed a large number of buildings and projects, secondly Delhi National Capital Region.

The Yamuna Expressway was closed due to this processor and many animals and humans living nearby were also displaced. Nearby buildings were insured for safety and we hope all will be well after the demolition. You can watch the live coverage on several news channels and till then stay tuned to our website as we will be back with more amazing stories.

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