OJ Simpson Talks Hospital Claims Amid Cancer Rumors

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OJ Simpson is speaking out following a widely circulated report claiming he is battling cancer and seeking hospice care.

The internet has been abuzz with claims from Local 10 News that the 76-year-old is battling prostate cancer and is in hospice care.

OJ Simpson Talks Hospice Care & Cancer Rumors

However, Simpson has come forward and denied these claims in a light-hearted video.

The former NFL star took X on Friday (February 9) to dispel the rumors about his health, saying, “Hospice? Hospice? Are you talking about hospice?”

He then started laughing, showing how ridiculous he found the report.

“No, I’m not in any hospice, I don’t know who put that out there,” he continued.

According to the original report, the California native had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Las Vegas.

This information sparked some chatter online, especially since Simpson himself had not publicly mentioned any health issues.

However, Simpson continued to address these rumors head on as he told his fans, “You can’t trust the media.”

In addition, Simpson not only denied the hospital rumors, but also shared his Super Bowl plans with his X followers.

He revealed that he has organized a gathering with friends for the upcoming game this weekend and confirms that “everything is fine.”

Simpson did not address allegations that they are currently undergoing cancer treatment in the video.

And while he can still crack jokes and dispel rumours, his physical appearance in recent weeks has certainly raised some eyebrows.

Recent photos of Simpson, as seen on TMZ, show him using a walking stick.

These images initially raised concerns about his health and led to speculation about his condition.

But at the same time, Simpson is a man of a certain age, and it’s not unusual for someone in their 70s to use a walking stick, right?

OJ has previously admitted that he has battled cancer in the past

Back in May 2023, Simpson took to Xsharing a video where he mentioned previously “catching cancer” a few years ago and having to undergo chemo.

He credited marijuana use for helping him get through his treatment program.

“I’m over the chemo, but I’ve only been nauseous twice and it’s only lasted about two or three minutes. So, I thought the pot helped me a lot with that kind of unfortunate side of catching cancer. Anyway, I’m healthy now. It looks like I beat him,” he explained at the time.

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