Online scandal raises concerns over Hubby Ekene Umenwa’s decision to allow the actress to move abroad alone

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Ekene Umenwa

Nigerian filmmaker Alex Ifeanyi Ogbodo, popularly known as Kleanson, was caught in a whirlwind of warnings and inquisitive questions as everyone wanted to know why he was not by his actress wife’s side Ekene Umenwa on her resettlement trip outside the country recently.

Just a few hours ago, Ekene Umenwa lit up the screen with her news of going abroad, causing waves of enthusiasm among colleagues and fans.

Celebrities gave small hints that she might have arrived in the United Kingdom.

Many thought that Ekene Umenwa’s departure abroad involved her husband Kleanson, but his latest comment on her post means otherwise.

In the comments section, Kleanson sent his best wishes to his wife for a safe trip, giving a subtle hint that he was not with her.

This sparked a flurry of speculation and speculation among netizens, who couldn’t help but wonder why he stayed behind.

A Netizen slammed the drama, and warned him about the dangers of letting her travel alone to a cold place like the UK, confirming that he is in great danger.

He wrote;

“Don’t tell me you allowed Ekene to travel to the UK alone. Hmmm. You are in great danger.

The UK has a very high sex drive due to its cold climate. I have lived there. Pls join your wife now. enough said”

Announcing her move to the UK via Instagram, Ekene Umenwa wrote;

“My name is EKENEDILICHUKWU UMENWA OGBODO. I saved God’s hands, and he gave me everything that is worthy of his children.

GOD BLESS GUS, with a sincere and broken heart and the life you want will be through well, I have moved in peace make him stay well oh.”

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