Original director Another Round weighs in on Chris Rock’s remake

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Another Round director, Thomas Vinterberg, jokingly warned that Chris Rock could be beaten again if his remake is bad.

another round remake

When it was announced that Chris Rock would be remaking the Danish film Another round, his knee was a little worried that the actor might not be able to pull off the tone of the original. Personally, I think Rock is a smart enough guy to (hopefully) not turn into the sloppy, sloppy mess that the plot, on paper alone, suggests. Now, Another round director Thomas Vinterberg emphasizes Rock trying to remake it.

Vinterberg recently told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet (as translated by NME) that he has faith in Chris Rock taking over. Another roundsaying, “The selection of Chris Rock is exciting. It’s exciting [to see] what comes with it. I am full of good expectations.” Then Vinterberg joked, “If it’s shit, it’ll get hit again,” obviously referring to the 2022 incident in which Will Smith attacked Rock after he made fun of his wife Jada.

It might seem like it’s a little too early to re-submit Another round, which came out in 2020, but talk of one has been on the table for even longer, with Leonardo DiCaprio once linked as early as the spring after the film comes out, possibly playing the role originated by Mads Mikkelsen. Rock, too, may seem like a questionable choice at first, but the man respects the world and classic cinema, leading both Heaven can wait redo Down to Earth and the American remake of Britain Death at a funeral. Additionally, his 2007 directorial effort I think I love my wife it was a remake of Éric Rohmer’s 1972 film Love in the Evening.

For those who haven’t seen Thomas Vinterberg yet Another round, it tells the story of a group of teachers who try to maintain a state of controlled instability. Also, you’re missing out because this is one of the best movies of the decade so far. It would go on to win the Academy Award for Best International Film, and Vinterberg was nominated for Best Director.

How do you think Chris Rock will do with the Another round redo? Did you love the original version?

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