Paris Hilton talks about leaked private tape in her memoir, calling it a ‘humbling experience’; INFORMATION here

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In her book Paris: The Memoir, Paris Hilton talks about the leaked private s*x tape of her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. She previously said it was a ‘disgraceful’ experience and triggered her post-traumatic stress disorder after it was leaked on the internet. The entrepreneur also said earlier that this leaked video will continue to hurt him for the rest of his life. Hilton claims she felt pressured to make a sex tape at the time. For more information, continue reading below.

Paris Hilton on a leaked videotape

Paris Hilton wrote in her memoirs that she was tired and drunk after a night out but her ex-partner said the s*x tape will be fun and only for a couple. His partner said that only the two of them could see the tape and if Hilton wasn’t ready to do it he would find someone else.

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Hilton said she was just an immature child who didn’t want to be dumped by the grown man. She continued, ‘I hated the idea of ​​s*x. I avoided s*x until it was absolutely unavoidable.

The heiress said she took a recreational drug and drank alcohol before filming the video. Hilton said she wanted to prove herself to him and did so by being ordained. She says. I did it. I have to have that’.

Paris Hilton also said that the video clip always stayed in the back of her mind and how people were mean to her when it was released. It was heartbreaking how the media and night shows talked about her and her family dragging her into all of this.

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