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Popular K-drama Slump doctor on brand new episode 3 on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 10:30 PM KST on JTBC. The drama was available to stream on Netflix later. The series follows the story of two high school rivals Yeo Jeong-Woo (Hyung-Sik Park) and Nam Ha-Neul (Shin-Hye Park). The two reunite 14 years later at the worst times of their lives. Gradually, they become friends and fall in love as they support each other through their downfalls.

Step 3 from Doctor Slump has documented a major change in the relationship between former rivals Yeo Jeong-Woo and Nam Ha-Neul. After suffering several setbacks in their personal and professional lives, the two reunited to become friends and help each other through their challenges. In the episode, the two spend quality time together and change their relationship status from former classmates to close friends.

Doctor Slump Episode 3: Park Hyung-Sik, Park Shin-Hye offer support to each other

The latest 3 Doctor Slump episode started with Yeo Jeong-Woo and Nam Ha-Neul’s time as rivals in high school. The first followed the same practice as his rival, and both left at the same time. While in the recovery room, Jeong-Woo asked Ha-Neul if she was feeling okay. However, Ha-Neul’s dedication to study even as he recovered sent shock waves through him. He decided to see everything through to the end.

The scene moved to the present day when Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo tried to recover from their drunken and emotional mess last night. The two promised to stay away from each other to avoid confusion. Meanwhile, Ha-Neul’s family did everything in their power to make sure they help her get through her mental health journey. Her mother even gave her medicines and asked her to take them on time.

On the other hand, Jeong-Woo met with his lawyers before his second trial. His assistant, who was in the theater during the accident, agreed to give evidence to the judge. While Jeong-Woo’s lawyers hoped for a possible victory, he was not sure about the assistant’s sudden change in behavior. Before that, the assistant refused to testify.

Later that night, a mysterious former tail of Jeong-Woo secretly climbed to the roof and arrived at his house. Jeong-Woo lived as a tenant at Ha-Neul’s house. At the same time, the assistant broke down Jeong-Woo’s window. Ha-Neul’s family discovered the incident, and her brother called Jeon-Woo. They informed the police, who suspected that the offender had attempted to rob his house.

Ha-Neul offered him to stay at her house. The two had dinner with Ha-Neul’s family when she talked about missing out on all the fun because she had to study. After a rather emotional and awkward dinner, Jeong-Woo offered to take her for ice cream. Although she denied the offer at first, her mother’s great love defeated her.

Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul then spent quality time over ice cream and arcade games. Jeong-Woo also advised that both of them rest during the lowest moments of their lives. The old rivals found comfort in each other. Moreover, because of Jeong-Woo, Ha-Neul realized that there is more to life than studying.

The next day, Ha-Neul found out that her superior had set up a scheme where she received less severance pay. When she asked her former colleagues, they refused to do anything about it, fearing the superior. Meanwhile, Jeong-Woo brought fruit to give to Ha-Neul’s family as a token of thanks for bringing him in yesterday. But he left after listening to them talk about his scandal.

Ha-Neul met him at the top of the house when he avoided her. After she arrived home, her mother confronted her about his scandal. She realized that he heard them talking about it and that he felt guilty. Meanwhile, Jeong-Woo found out that his assistant refused to testify again. In addition, the assistant resigned before the trial.

Ha-Neul decided to help him with the trial. She read a ton of theses overnight and found a similar issue in India. The patient on warfarin had died of excessive bleeding during surgery. Since this is what happened with Jeong-Woo’s patient, she knew that this case would help him as a witness.

However, she was a little too late with the paper. Although she handed it over to the lawyers, the judge had ended the day’s trial and adjourned it to a later date. Jeong-Woo was overcome with gratitude. As reporters swarmed him outside the court, he ran over to Ha-Neul as she collapsed. He took her to his clinic and expressed his gratitude.

Ha-Neul advised that the two steam off until morning. Jeong-Woo asked her to go with him to watch the sunrise at Sokcho. The two went to the beach, but the sun was nowhere to be seen. Both realized that the lack of sunlight and the cloudy weather were similar to their lives. But Jeong-Woo then offered her to be friends and not talk to each other like classmates.

Ha-Neul accepted his request, knowing that he was only trying to put on a brave face. She wanted to comfort him as his friend to help him cope. The episode ended with a flashback to the two in the high school recovery room. Ha-Neul wrote him a note before leaving. However, she saw that his mother did not care for him and left her sick son in the room. At the same time, she went with her mother, with the note outside the room on the floor.

To watch how their journey unfolds next, remember to watch Doctor Slump Episode 4 on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at 10:30 PM on JTBC and later on Netflix.

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