Paul Walker’s brother Cody names new son after late actor

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Paul Walker brother Cody and his wife Felicia honors his late sister’s name by naming their newborn son after him; the couple said PEOPLE.

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Paul Walker’s brother Cody names newborn son after late siblings

On April 30, Paul Barrett “Bear” Walker was born weighing 7 lbs., four oz., according to the outlet.

Just a day after the baby’s birth, the couple named the boy after Cody’s brother, the late actor Paul Walker. He said it was important to him to keep the name.

He said the name “Paul Walker” goes back in their family for four generations.

“Within the family, he went by ‘Little Paul’ or ‘Paul 4,’ although he quickly grew taller than our father. It was important to me to keep that name going.”

Cody honors brother with newborn son’s name on nearly 10th anniversary of Paul’s death

Cody and Felicia reportedly didn’t stop learning the baby’s gender until birth. They had done the same with their other two children.

Cody, who lives in Arizona with his family, celebrated the birth of his son near the 10th anniversary of Paul Walker’s death, he told PEOPLE.

“This November marks ten years since we lost my brother, Paul, and I felt it was the right time,” said Cody.

In addition, he explained that he and Caleb, Paul’s other brother, are now ready to have children.

Cody Talks FuelFest, Continues to Donate to Brother Paul’s Non-Profit

Meanwhile, Cody and his brother Paul’s Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson and Chris Lee are paying further tribute to the late actor with FuelFest.

Some of the proceeds from the car and motorsport festival will go directly to Reach Out WorldWide, a non-profit Paul founded in January 2010.

Cody says the group is “an important part of Paul that he left behind. “

“It’s important for so many to see that part of his legacy live on,” he told PEOPLE. “Since Paul’s passing, ROWW has continued to support communities in natural disaster zones in 13 countries, with over 79 deployments and over 63,000 volunteer hours logged.”

As a passenger in a speeding car, Paul died in a single-car accident on November 30, 2013. Father and daughter have since filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Porsche, resulting in settlements .

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