Peacock release a different variation Tri-Body Problem

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Peacock will release a different adaptation of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem ahead of the Netflix version.

Three Body Trouble, Peacock

Netflix’s highly anticipated adaptation of Liu Cixin The Three Yellow Problem starts next month, but Peacock is stealing some of that hype by releasing a different change tomorrow. Very nice, sis.

Peacock will release the Chinese version of The Three Yellow Problem, which was released internationally last year. All thirty episodes of the series will be available for broadcast on Peacock on 10 February. “With all the hype surrounding Netflix’s English adaptation, we’re excited about the opportunity for sci-fi and Chinese drama fans to watch the original Chinese language (with subtitles English) before the Hollywood adaptation,” read the press release from NBCUniversal.

However, THR notes that the two adaptations are very different despite drawing from the same source material. The Chinese version from Tencent is said to be a “ultra faithful” adaptation of the story, while the Netflix version includes a global team and aims to “make it”the dense and heavy physics novels” more accessible and interesting to a mainstream audience. The Tencent series also covers the full Liu Cixin Memories of the Past Earth a trilogy of novels, but the Netflix version only deals with the first book.

A young woman’s tragic decision in 1960s China reaches back across space and time to the present day,” read the synopsis for the Netflix version. “As the laws of nature unravel before their eyes, a close-knit group of brilliant scientists join forces with an unsuspecting detective to face the greatest threat in the history of the universe. humanity.”

David Benioff, who developed the series with Dan Weiss and Alexander Woo, mentioned the differences while talking to THR last month. “In the first season or two of Chairs, a lot of people were like, ‘Why didn’t they include this scene?’ They wanted a literal change of every page,” said Benioff. “I always thought, ‘Would people be like that if they got it?’ Now we have that with this, where one change is very faithful and then our change, which is not so true, and others can judge how they build up.

Netflix’s 3 Body problem discuss the streaming service on March 21st.

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