Pedro Pascal whips you into shape in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’

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Pedro Pascal taking on fatherly duties under galactic arms in The Mandalorian or by exhibiting rough-faced, rough in the last of us. Before these noble feats, he spent time as an indoor baddie Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), a sequel that didn’t hit all the marks but did right in Pascal’s casting. His character as agent Statesman Whiskey is one cool dude, who uses a lasso to tie up, fly, or cut enemies in half. If it’s not obvious, unlike Mando or Joel, the Whiskey agent really loves getting into a cutthroat brawl. He’s definitely not the American Patriot he thinks he is, so you better not cross him.


What is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ about?

It starts with a bang, literally. Almost all of the Kingsman operations and personnel are destroyed, forcing the survivors Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) to go back to the United States to join the Statesman, their American spy. Channing Tatum getting a cameo, Halle Berry hung back with the audit monitors, and Jeff Bridges most drink alcohol, leaving agent Pascal Whiskey as the only statesman to partner with Eggsy to stop a new supervillain plot by Poppy (Julianne Moore). Resurrect Harry who has been dead (Colin Firth) complicates a mission that will result in the death of millions if the Kingsman and Statesman fail. No pressure!

There is so much going on with the sequel, from the ensemble cast to various character and backstory motives, this sequel comes off as too much. It’s like carrying an extra pair of Statesman revolvers when you only have two holsters, a juggling act for sure. Poppy is a druggie who behaves like a 50s housewife, contaminating drugs on a global scale to cause a blue rash, uncontrollable dancing, paralysis and death, in that order. Addicts, first-time users, and recreational users are at risk, but Poppy’s plan isn’t intended to bring about genocide, it’s leverage to gain complete control of the she has a quarter. What she doesn’t count on is the US president (Green Brush) delight in letting the users die, bringing a quick end to his war on drugs. Eggsy can’t go into the field alone to deal with all of this. And while The Golden Circle going big with maybe too much involved, it will be right with the Whiskey agent.

Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Pedro Pascal in Kingsman The Golden Circle
Photo via 20th Century Fox

Pedro Pascal is a Badass Initiator

“Manners bring the man. Let me translate that for you.” Agent whiskey (full name Jack Daniels) doesn’t leave much time for rest after the line, jumping into a saloon bar fight to deliver a hard hit over strong, beer, homophobic reds. He gets several more signature fighting streaks The King’s Man an element of frantic cinematography to bring audiences into the duels. There’s a fun side that comes so easily to Pascal – watch his interviews to see it – that’s not lost in playing Whiskey, turning him into a new character worth standing up to side of the Kingsman producers. Whip skills have been instilled in Pascal from his time filming, the actor relies on muscle memory to crack a whip like a pro. forward The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonHarrison Ford better look out, there’s some competition out there. This sport of whiskey, which Pascal raises to ridiculous levels, is the opposite of the seriousness of the recent roles.

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Joel and Mando face each other

The Secret Service (2014) designs its own take on James Bond cool by introducing Harry, a distinguished English gentleman who knows how to get everyone hooked until a surprise shot in the head out it. Golden Circle bringing Harry back from the dead, making sure to keep him from regaining his old skills too quickly, allowing Whiskey to step up to the plate, with the a character that harkens back to the classic Wild West gunslinger boy. At the snowy Italian Alps, the Kingsman and the Statesman are attacked, and it doesn’t help matters when Harry’s broken mind stops him and Eggsy. Whiskey takes care of business, going it alone to murder Poppy’s henchmen, firing guns to crack skulls or explode organs. Running out of bullets doesn’t mean it’s time to flee. He pulls out his best weapon by far, an electronic lasso that can slice a man in half with deadly precision. The whiskey’s cocky, good-ole-boy personality is certainly a stark contrast to Pascal’s recent roles. Mando and Joel have to endure hard fights to survive, and whiskey thrives on it.

Agent Statesman leaves no time to consider Mando saying, “I can bring you in warm, or I will bring you in cold.” And Whiskey doesn’t feel the need to reflect on what it hurts like Joel. Whisper is not worried about the morals of harming his opponents, after the bar goes down he even says, “Whew, I feel like a tornado in a trailer park . It’s a clear, tell-tale line. A trailer park is hardly stable enough to withstand a ferocious funnel, inadvertently leaving significant damage in its path. On the Fujita scale, a hurricane comes close to causing F5 tornado damage.

Pedro Pascal as a whiskey agent in Kingsman The Golden Circle
Photo via 20th Century Fox

Pedro Pascal will be a Duel Baddie until the end

Once Golden Circle dismissing Poppy, the Kingsman must deal with the whiskey agent who has been completely transformed. It doesn’t work for Poppy, just like it doesn’t work for the President of the USA. When Eggsy dares to make such an accusation, Whisper retorts, “That asshole!?” No, this statesman has another reason for letting the blue rash disease drugs do their thing. His high school sweetheart, who was pregnant, was killed in a drug addict’s robbery, a painful long-term insult that caused Whiskey to lose sight of what would have been after millions of lives had been lost. . Many others will also lose their loved ones.

The final fight brings the dynamic camera flying again, in every angle to capture the close calls. Whiskey is almost unstoppable, as he takes on two Kingsman agents at the same time. However, Eggys ​​and Harry come out in the end, meaning you can say goodbye to the beautiful face of Whisky. He won’t be back in a future series after being thrown into Poppy’s meat grinder.

A whiskey character paints the colors of the American flag in all the wrong ways. The red is in the flesh of the earth since his personal encounter with Poppy’s industrial grinder. Blue is a toss up between the blue rash disease and his lightning lasso, like lightning. As for his morals, he can claim otherwise, but they are against pure, white intentions. Whiskey is as much a spectacle as the action set pieces for the The King’s Man movies, coming in big, oozing Southern charm and high-testosterone, and going out big for gnarly decadence.

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