Potential Wizards, Capitals move to Virginia hit roadblock with funding bill rejected in state senate

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It is unlikely that the Washington Wizards will move to Virginia just yet. Virginia Senator L. Louise Lucas said Monday that the proposed Virginia Senate bill intended to fund it a possible new field in Alexandria, Virginia the Wizards and NHL Capitals will not be allowed, at least not as currently constructed.

“As long as the full faith and credit of the commonwealth supports this project, my answer is still a true answer,” said Lucas.

Lucas has problems with the bill because of how it would be financed, which will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers if not enough revenue is generated as expected. Although the Senate version of the bill is likely to pass, there is a bill in the House of Representatives that could pass, although it would still have to be approved by the Senate.

Back in December, Wizards and Capitals owner Ted Leonisis announced plans with Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin both teams move out of Washington, DC and over to Virginia. It was a controversial decision at the time, man former Wizards guard Bradley Beal pleaded publicly by Leonisi without doing. And although the move could still happen in the future, the bill presented to fund the new arena does not appear to have been approved at the Senate level.

The project would include the construction of a $2 million sports district where the arena will be, while it would also house a 3,000-seat music venue, hotels and the headquarters of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, Leonisis’ business. At an event about the new project back in December, Leonisis said the move was intended to build the entire DMV area.

“That sense of community in the DMV is really what our business is all about,” Leonsis said. “That’s the highest we call for fun. That’s what we call more and more in everything we do – to build those legacies through winning championships from doing the right things the right way with our fans, to can people appreciate the community in which they live. It’s no secret that this great airport here was considered Washington National, yet it’s in Virginia.”

If funding is finally approved, construction could begin as early as 2025, with the Wizards and Capitals moving to Virginia in 2028.

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