Potential YSL juror jailed after filming jury selection process

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A woman who was due to serve as a juror in the high-profile YSL case has been sentenced to 3 days in prison for filming part of the selection process.

Judge Glanville Gave The Potential Lawyer A Strong Speech Before Sentencing Her

The decision came on Monday, and a recording of the case was uploaded to social media by Cathy Russonexecutive producer for Law & Crime Network.

The clip opens with Judge Ural Glanville telling the woman that she can be sentenced up to “a fine of $1,000 and/or 20 days in jail” if she is convicted in the courtroom.

Glanville then begins to lecture the woman, noting that the court made the rules and expectations clear.

“Ma’am, I think with all the time and energy, effort and care that we have spent in making that particular pronunciation – I tell several times for many reasons, and you decide that you are just going to do what you wanted to do. “

The juror then begins to try to explain the situation, though Glanville quickly shuts her down before sentencing her.

“You pulled out your phone and videotaped our proceedings, and that was in direct violation of court orders. Therefore, I am going to sentence you to three days in prison.”

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After the woman expressed surprise at being sentenced rather than fined, the judge reversed his decision.

“In this particular situation, I have told several people and repeated this particular message several times, and you were making a video of our proceedings just as a strong violation of the those detail proceedings.”

In a final plea, the potential juror explains, “There was so much going on… I didn’t hear it all.”

However, Glanville is quick to respond, “That doesn’t excuse your behavior… It’s an excuse for behavior. “

Check out a video of the interaction below.

There have been a few jury-related hiccups so far

We should add that while this particular situation was indeed a “brass breach,” this is not the first time a jury-related issue could arise in the case.

This was brought up while Russon was talking about the decision further down in the thread, and she suggested that the judge was keen to show that he means business!

After all, he had “already held two other jurors in contempt on various counts.” For those violations, one was ordered to write a 10-page essay and the other to complete community service and “attend the first 5 days of probation. “

What do you think of a potential juror in the YSL case being sentenced to 3 days in jail for contempt?

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