Power Rangers alum Jason David Frank is accused of infidelity while his wife files for divorce

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Power Rangers star Jason David Frank’s wife of nine years, Tammy Frank, has accused him of infidelity after filing for divorce.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jason David Frank’s marriage is in hot water

Jason David Frank’s marriage to Tammy Frank is going through a rough patch.

Recently, it was reported that Tommy has filed for divorce. Furthermore, in official court documents, she has cited adultery as one of the reasons behind their split.

Tammy accuses Jason of cheating on her and having an affair during their relationship.

Regardless, Jason’s estranged wife cites another saying that their marriage is no longer working because of their differences and conflicts.

Moreover, Tammy also claims that Jason’s brutal treatment of her forced her to break up. She has listed July 1, 2022 as their separation date.

After that, she has requested the court to give her the majority of their assets. She has asked her to give her their house in Texas as well as the car.

Jason and his team are yet to comment on the news. However, according to a source, he was served with divorce papers while attending a Comic Con event in Texas over the weekend.

Relationship of Jason David Frank and Tammy Frank

Jason David Frank officially married Tammy Frank in May 2003. The couple are parents to a daughter named Jenna.

Meanwhile, Tammy is Jason’s second wife. He was married to Shawna from 1994 to 2001. The pair have welcomed two sons, Hunter and Jacob, and a daughter, Skye, together.

Jason David Frank

However, Jason is most notable for his performance in the children’s hit television show ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’.

The 48-year-old actor played the role of Tommy Oliver. Initially, he served as the Green Ranger but was later brought in to serve as the White Ranger who was also the leader of the Power Rangers team.

Jason David Frank

Additionally, Tammy served as a producer on the reality show My Morphine Life. She portrayed herself in the series, portraying the life of martial artist Jason.

Tammy on the other hand is also a black belt martial artist. She was awarded her Kru title in Muay Thai in front of the Government of Thailand and Master Toddy.

In addition, she is a certified Muay Thai Trainer and Crew of MTIA i.e. Muay Thai International Association.


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