Prince Harry is considering the possibility of a reconciliation with the royal family

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Prince Harry expressing hope that he will heal the breach with the royal family.

In an interview with the UK station ITV, broadcast on January 8, a journalist Tom Bradby He told the Duke of Sussex that by publishing his new memoir, people may feel he has snuffed out any chance of reconciliation with his loved ones in England. In addition. In the book, Harry reveals details about his past, his and Meghan Markleleave 2020 as working members of the monarchy and their conflicts with the royal family.

Harry said he “100 per cent” believes there is a chance of a reconciliation. However, he said his family “has not been willing to reconcile up to this point.

The 38-year-old said, “I’m not sure how honesty burns bridges. You know, silence doesn’t allow the abuser to abuse. Right? So I don’t know how to make things better.”

The royal family declined to comment on the book or other comments Harry has made about them in the media.

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