Prince Harry spared details of Taliban killings, loss of virginity

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LONDON – Britain’s newspapers, radio, TV and websites were all over the news on Friday about Prince Harry. A handful of news organizations BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail, Sun have obtained early copies of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir “Spare” – mostly in Spanish – and they report that the prince lost his virginity in a field.

The story that most Britons say they want to go away and that is constantly smeared by the royal family-obsessed tabloid media does not show that they are dissipating with new revelations from the yet-to-be-released yet-to-be-released memoir. And this is all before several interviews scheduled for the weekend before the book’s release on Tuesday.

Prince Harry’s memoir describes the attack by his brother

While Britons say they are sick and tired of Harry and Meghan, they are picking up the tidbits. The tabloids are carrying on with the story – and social media in Britain is full of pro and con hashtags about the couple.

In the book, Harry says he killed 25 members of the Taliban during his two tours serving the British army in Afghanistan. That number has not been confirmed. Harry spent five months as an advanced air traffic controller and Apache helicopter pilot.

The prince writes, according to the BBC, “When I found myself in the heat and confusion of the fight I did not think of those 25 as people. They were chess pieces removed from the board. Bad people would be killed before they could kill good people. “

Former British military officers have told the media that boasting of murders is unwise, and that the prince and his family could present heightened security threats.

In previous interviews, Harry has said that attending a costume party dressed as a Nazi was something he would always regret.

In the memoir, Harry says it was Prince William and his wife Kate, now the Prince and Princess of Wales, who encouraged him to wear a swastika and dress at a “Natives and Colonials” themed party. in 2005. 20 years old at the time. “I called Willy and Kate, they asked what they thought. Nazi uniforms, they said,” according to Harry.

Psychiatric consultations and school days

Harry writes about using a female psychic who claimed to have “powers” to communicate with his mother, the late Princess Diana. She told Diana “he was glad he was living the life she couldn’t,” according to the BBC.

When he went to the best boarding school in England, Eton College, Harry admitted that he started smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine, from the age of 17. (This is usually frowned upon in the Kingdom United).

Attracting more attention is the story of his “loss of virginity, a humiliating encounter with an older woman who loved macho horses and treated me like a young stallion,” the prince writes. “It was one of the many It was my mistake to let it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub.”

Mail Online’s headline on Friday focused on “The real story behind Meghan and Kate’s long-running feud: Harry’s memoir claims falling out over bridesmaids’ dresses, Easter presents and lip gloss on the separate from each other (but “memories may differ”).

In a series of interviews, it is not clear who made him cry first, Kate or Meghan.

In the documentary made by the couple for Netflix, “Harry & Meghan”, the prince mourns the “pain and suffering” of the women including his wife and his mother who will marry into his family.

In his memoirs, according to The Sun, Harry says that he and his brother William asked their father Charles not to marry his long-term partner, Camilla, for fear that she would her “wicked stepmother” and that she would be unfairly compared to Diana.

Harry writes that his older brother, the heir to the throne William, physically attacked him in a kitchen confrontation in 2019 while the two were arguing about Harry’s wife, Meghan, after William said to she was “difficult,” “rude” and “abrasive.”

During their fight, Harry writes, his older brother “grabbed me by the collar, tore off my necklace, and knocked me to the ground,” according to the Guardian.

Harry says he landed on a dog bowl, which left him bruised.

In a clip from the ITV interview with the prince, Harry says that William was so angry that he saw “the red smoke”. Does this suggest some kind of infamous rage? possible

Harry says, “He wanted me to take him back, but I chose not to.”

The prince is sad that he has lost contact with his father and brother, and that we want a “family” and “not an institution”.

In the ITV teaser, Harry says, “I want reconciliation, but, first, there has to be some accountability.” Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, which represent Charles and William respectively, have refused comment on this.

In another clip from another upcoming interview with CBS’s Anderson Cooper, Harry admits that before he started dating Meghan, he was “probably very naive” about as the British tabloids would spin their relationship, and that “the race element” The couple’s relationship was “jumped forward immediately,” according to the BBC.

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