Prince Harry travels to London for his mirror group case, but misses Court on Monday

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Tuesday, Prince Harry It is expected to be the first senior royal to give evidence in court in more than a century, but as the high-profile trial over his case against the Mirror Group Newspapers continued on Monday morning , the prince was not in the courtroom. According to the New York Post, Judge Timothy Fancourt he ordered him to appear. “I’m a little surprised,” said the judge.

Harry’s lawyer David Sherborne He told the High Court that his client had flown out of the United States on Sunday night, and that they were unable to attend court. “His travel arrangements are so big and his security arrangements are so big that it’s a little difficult,” he said, according to Reuters.

The suit is against the newspaper group, which owns the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and Sunday people, is one of many cases the prince is pursuing against publishers over allegations that information was collected illegally. Harry has said that 140 articles published by the three newspapers between 1996 and 2010 were obtained using illegal intelligence gathering techniques, and 33 of those articles were selected for investigation in the case. The prince is one of the handful of plaintiffs who will be heard during the trial.

Despite Harry’s absence on Monday, Sherborne explained some of the issues we can expect Harry to address in his testimony, including the impact of some storylines in the group’s titles news about his relationships and mental health. The lawyer mentioned the influence of the media on his relationship with his girlfriend Chelsy Davy. “It was like they were never alone,” Sherborne said, pointing to an April 2005 story in the People detailing the prince’s phone calls to Davy. “The ups and downs of their relationship, first, the breakup, and finally the split between them were all revealed and chosen by the three Mirror Group titles.”

Sherborne noted that approximately 2,500 stories about Harry had run in MGN titles during the period covered by his allegations. “Nothing was sacred or infinite, and there was no protection from these illegal intelligence gathering techniques,” he said, referring to stories about Princess Diana. “The use of these techniques is with a national media organization bringing him here, not some vendetta against the media in general.”

Lawyer representing MGN, Andrew Green, he replied that Harry’s allegations regarding voicemail messages are unsubstantiated speculation. At the start of the trial last month, MGN apologized for one particular occasion People had illegally sought information about Harry, but denied that there was evidence to suspect the practice was widespread.

Harry’s trip for the trial marks his third visit to the UK so far this year, and he returned home quickly afterwards King Charlesin the coronation last month so he could celebrate his son Archiefourth birthday. Lilibet, the daughter Harry shares with his wife, Meghan Markle, she celebrated her second birthday on Sunday, June 4.

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