Rapper E-40 Claims ‘Racial Bias’ Inspired By NBA Game Removal

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Stevens called on the Kings organization to investigate the “horrific behavior” and hold those involved “accountable”.

Other attendees captured the aftermath of the altercation on video. While the spat was not on camera, a woman can be seen yelling at Stevens and recording it on her phone before security kicked him out.

The team responded in a statement, telling HuffPost, “The Sacramento Kings are taking these claims seriously and are investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the situation, as we do whenever make such an accusation.”

Sources close to the situation said that Stevens was warned by security that he was in danger of being crushed after several complaints were made about him standing too much. Store near Stevens reported he said no such warning was given.

Like other teams in the NBA, the Kings have supported social justice initiatives in their community.

In March, they held their fifth Team Up for Change event “to promote, unify and implement a call for social justice and racial equality.” The team also developed a “Pledge to Our Black Community” in 2020 .

This is a syndicated version of an article originally published on HuffPost.

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