Real Brawls Break Out at ‘Creed III’ Screens

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Critics like it a lot Creed III so far, but it also seems that fans may be getting in a bit too much. Fights have been breaking out at some Creed III shows across Europe.

Although news sources generally describe the whole phenomenon as a series of isolated incidents, there have certainly been more what you might expect when you hear that description. French media have reported on 12 or so separate incidents. Some theaters have even removed the film from their screening rotation entirely. At least three theaters in Germany have reported full-time brawls breaking out during screenings of the film.

At Mégarama in St. Etienne, the fight became so widespread and aggressive that a security guard suffered a head injury. Bottles, cans, and punches were thrown. On that very day, viral footage of a massive fight was captured at Kinepolis in Thionville. The police showed up and escorted around 500 people out of the cinema.

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Two people at Metropolis in Charleville-Mézières were also inspired by the film in the wrong ways. They were picked up by the police and detained for some time. CinéCentre in Dreux decided to pull the film completely due to “Inappropriate behavior”.

In Bremen, Hamburg, and Essen, similar fights broke out and screenings were quickly cancelled. The German authorities were so confused by the whole thing that they began to wonder if the whole phenomenon was a viral marketing campaign, or something promoted by social media. At this point, however, there is no evidence that any of these theories are true.

Creed III hit theaters on March 3 and has yet to be seen.

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