Recruiting ‘crystal ball’ specialist 8 prospects to Notre Dame

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There is no such thing as the off-season when it comes to college football. Although games won’t be played until the end of August, there’s still plenty. The second signing period for the 2023 recruitment cycle opens in just a few weeks, the transfer portal doesn’t seem to let things sleep, and coach changes can happen at any time.

Plus, it’s all systems go recruiting for the class of 2024. Notre Dame started last weekend by blitzing Indiana and Chicagoland locals before sending they host a big recruiting weekend on campus. Now there is an expectation of what the next Fighting Irish bets could be going into.

Tom Loy of Irish Illustrated and 247Sports has the same respect in reporter/analyst hiring as Notre Dame football. He made nine crystal ball predictions for 2024 recruits on Monday (Jan. 16, 2023), and sent eight of them to Notre Dame. Here is some information about these eight Irish targets.

Bryce Young

Name: [autotag]Bryce Young[/autotag]
Position: Defensive line
High School: Charlotte Christian
Size: 6-5, 240 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .9228

He may have the same name as the star Alabama quarterback who won the 2021 Heisman Trophy, but he is the son of the legendary Notre Dame defensive lineman [autotag]Bryant Young[/autotag].

Prescod styles

Name: [autotag]Prescod styles[/autotag]
Role: Offensive event
High School: Hamilton Southeastern (Indiana)
Size: 6-6, 280 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .8907

Jacob Smith

Name: [autotag]Jacob Smith[/autotag]
Role: Edge
High School: Loomis Chaffee School (Connecticut)
Size: 6-5, 225 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .9507

He is the twin brother of Herod, who you will get to know in very short order.

Jerod Smith

Name: [autotag]Jerod Smith[/autotag]
Position: Defensive lineman
High School: Loomis Chaffee School (Connecticut)
Size: 6-3, 265 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .9181

Dorian Brew

Name: [autotag]Dorian Brew[/autotag]
Position: Wide receiver
High School: Northmont (Ohio)
Size: 6-2, 185 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .9743
* 2025 recruiting class

Payton Pierce

Name: [autotag]Payton Pierce[/autotag]
Position: Linebacker
High School: Lovejoy (Texas)
Size: 6-1, 225 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .9356

Two other recruiting experts on 247Sports have crystal balled Pierce to Oklahoma.

Johnson Johnson

Name: [autotag]Johnson Johnson[/autotag]
Position: Wide receiver
High School: Northside (Ft. Wayne, Indiana)
Size: 6-3, 170 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 4-star, .9584

Justin Scott

Name: [autotag]Justin Scott[/autotag]
Position: Defensive Tackle
High School: St. Ignatius (Chicago, Illinois)
Size: 6-5, 310 lbs.
247Sports Rating: 5-star, .9896

Five-star Scott will set a commitment date for late January

Story first appeared on Fighting Irish Wire

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