Report: Ron DeSantis formally announces his 2024 bid with Elon Musk, as David Duke apparently unavailable

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After months of refusing to confirm what so many already suspected, Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that he is running for president. And that’s not all: he is said to be planning to formally jump into the 2024 race during a Twitter chat with Elon Musk, because apparently no other non-Nazi sympathizers were available.

Yes, NBC News is reporting that the Florida governor’s formal announcement will take place tomorrow on Twitter Spaces — during a live audio chat that begins at 6 p.m. ET and will be moderated by longtime friend Musk David Sacks. According to the outlet, DeSantis’ campaign will “release a launch video” Wednesday night, and the governor will follow up with visits to several states early after Memorial Day. As for how this all came together, DeSantis’ team has reportedly “been talking to Musk for at least the last few weeks,” according to a person familiar with the matter — and in these discussions, Musk has said that he does not think. Donald Trump he will be able to win a second term. While Musk said last year that he would support DeSantis if the governor ran for president, on Friday, the billionaire. praise announcement by the Senate Tim Scott, who announced on Monday that he is also running for the White House.

As NBC News notes, aligning with Musk and his 140 million followers could give DeSantis a “huge boost,” but there are also obvious downsides. to work with a man who has said and done terrible things – and has turned Twitter into a safe haven. a sanctuary for hate speech; give him a new home Tucker”Mass Replacement Theory“Carlson; and he mentioned it George Soros which the Anti-Defamation League said would “contribute to extremists. “

On the other hand, it is quite possible that this is why DeSantis wants to align himself with Musk. According to NBC News:

Musk has built a strong following after buying Twitter with a promise to return “free speech” after years of right-wing complaints that the site had tried to censor users. conservative…. One of the sources familiar with the plans told NBC News that DeSantis’ supporters have been watching Twitter become an increasingly friendly place for conservative firebrands under Musk’s leadership. allowing them to speak directly to their conservative audience and bypass the traditional media—something that was once Trump’s superpower. .

By the way, just to remind you, DeSantis’ presidency is as terrible a sight as Trump’s.

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