Richard Dreyfuss stars in first Wilderness thriller of his career, ‘Abandonment’, with Annie Malee – Film Daily

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Photos courtesy of Svetlana Dreyfuss, Malee Movies

he is has fought sharks and monsters in his successful career. But after six decades in film, Oscar winner and screen legend Richard Dreyfuss is taking on a new challenge: a desert survival thriller. Abandonment, hitting theaters this fall, follows Dreyfuss as he navigates a hair-raising rescue of a hiker trying to survive while trapped in a cave on the Appalachian Trail. The claustrophobic nail-biter was written by Ann Maleewho will co-star with Dreyfuss, and also produce under her new production company, Malee Movies.

Male is a mathematician, AI entrepreneur, and children’s charity founder who recently decided to follow her own childhood dream of making films. For her first film, Abandonment, she has crafted a unique story that simultaneously presents a side of Dreyfuss we’ve never seen before but also co-stars the deserter as another character in the thriller. “I can’t wait for movie fans to see Richard in this movie. I think this is his best performance but of course I’m a little biased!” she laughs.

In addition to the Oscar winner and the legend of the screen, the picture also co-stars the beautiful, enormous and painful Appalachian forest. “I find this part of the world so magical. The wind whispers differently in the trees somehow. I love it when movies really immerse you in the environment of the story. I wanted ours to do that for an audience with a beautiful backdrop of Appalachian nature,” says Malee.

The expanse of the Appalachian wilderness provides a stark contrast to the claustrophobic rescue that Dreyfuss’s character must navigate to try and save the hiker played by Maleee. Dreyfuss navigates both the edge-of-your-seat thrilling tension and the protective, heroic offering in the story’s quieter moments with expert sophistication. This immersive presentation, along with breathtaking views of the Appalachian wilderness, immerses the audience in this exciting rescue. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air and a fresh take on both Dreyfuss and the desert thriller genre.

Abandonment hitting theaters this fall.

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