Robert De Niro’s baby mama appears as protagonist in explosive worker discrimination suit

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As Robert De Niro’s employee discrimination lawsuit continues, his young mother appears to have emerged as a key figure in the actor’s former assistant’s allegations.

Graham Chase Robinson, who worked for De Niro from 2008 to 2019, and the “Flowers of the Killer Moon” actor are in court over the assistant’s lawsuit accusing De Niro of gender discrimination. Robinson has alleged that the actor repeatedly used “sad, inappropriate and sexual comments” as well as being overworked and overpaid in her lawsuit. 12 million.

During De Niro’s two days of testimony, Robinson’s lawyers shared text messages in which they claim De Niro’s girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who gave birth to the actor’s seventh child this year, issued an ultimatum to get rid of the former assistant.

“If you keep her, you and I will end up having problems,” said one text, which Chen sent to De Niro and read in court. De Niro denied the allegations, saying that Chen only wanted him from projects related to decorating the couple’s home.


Robert De Niro, Tiffany Chen and Chase Robinson side by side

The mother of Robert De Niro’s seventh child, Tiffany Chen, has been at the center of evidence in his former employee’s sex discrimination lawsuit. (Getty Images)

“No one tells me what to do in my office, period,” De Niro said on the stand, according to the court transcript.

Chen and De Niro first met in 2015 while the actor was filming “The Intern.” Chen appeared in the film as a tai chi instructor. The couple say they didn’t start dating until years later after his tumultuous divorce from Grace Hightower.

Although Chen and De Niro were not publicly romantically linked until 2021, the two moved into a New York townhouse in 2018, according to court testimony.

At this time, Chen began to direct Robinson on projects for the city. Robinson had been working for De Niro for 10 years at this point. However, it seems that the two did not get along because Chen began to accuse Robinson of having an “imaginary relationship” with the actor.

“Ms. Chen said that Chase wanted to marry Mr. De Niro, that Chase wanted to move into the house with him, that Chase had an imaginary intimacy that she wanted to be the woman of the house,” Robinson’s attorney said during opening statements.

Graham Chase Robinson outside a courthouse

Graham Chase Robinson leaves federal court on October 30. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)


Graham Chase Robinson comes to court

Graham Chase Robinson worked for Robert De Niro from 2008 to 2019. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

This “imaginary intimacy,” as Chen referred to it in text messages presented in court, is said to have caused problems between his girlfriend and his former assistant. At one point, Chen accused Robinson of deliberately forgetting to serve food for a scheduled flight.

“In my experience, they rarely mix up on private planes like what Chase claims happened,” Chen wrote to De Niro in a text read during court testimony. “I don’t trust her when it comes to me .Her sense of entitlement comes from her imagined intimacy with you and I’ve seen it in her texts about the house again. She thinks she’s your wife and I’m tired of rearranging things and throwing my stuff on the floor in frustration when she decides she wants to be a housewife. It’s very annoying and she needs to stop.”

Sketch of Robert De Niro in the witness box in court

Robert De Niro continued his testimony in a $12 million lawsuit accusing him of being a bad boss. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen at a party

Robert De Niro introduced Tiffany Chen to Graham Chase Robinson as his girlfriend in 2018, according to court testimony. (Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images for Airmail/Warner Brothers Discovery via Getty Images)


Chen and Robinson also got into a back-and-forth argument about the assistant’s role when the martial arts instructor needed to move pictures.

Robinson shared her concern in an email, saying, “It has been very apparent for some time that I have a problem working for you, and I have tried very hard not to upset you , to get out of the center and out of your home. and go back to my work.”

“It’s not working. When you can, we’ll talk. It’s not a heart attack conversation, it’s not about throwing in the towel, I just want to make sure her h -everything runs smoothly. Your guidance will be helpful.”

De Niro sent the email to Chen, who texted him later that evening, “I feel disturbed by her imagined intimacy. you, whose mind is far more advanced and strange than what is actually happening.”

Chen said, “She’s scared now because her constant manner and imaginary intimacy with you have finally tormented me.”

Tiffany Chen and Robert De Niro at the premiere

Robert De Niro denied that Tiffany Chen gave him an ultimatum to fire Graham Chase Robinson. (Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images)

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Robinson has maintained that she was asked to put together and decorate the town in 2018 despite being promoted to vice president of production and finance.

Robinson said in his deposition “[m]the work at Productions was kind of redirected to this female gender role where I was handling this housework and vacuuming and doing all these things. … It had nothing to do with the financial production of VP. That was really difficult and difficult for me to deal with,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to De Niro’s testimony Tuesday, Robinson was only promoted because she wanted the “title change” and said her duties as assistant principal never changed.

De Niro was also asked about the times he asked Robinson to scratch his back, which caused an outburst in the courtroom.

“No – she didn’t scratch,” he said on the stand. “If she was, I said could you scratch it because I’m over here, one thing, I have an itch. One time. It’s so stupid. It’s every little thing she’s trying to get on me. It looks like her. I mean she’s out in front of the building scrubbing the floor on her knees, washing it, and making sure this is nonsense. Come on.”

Sketch of Robert De Niro on the witness stand in court

During De Niro’s two days of testimony, Robinson’s lawyers shared text messages in which they claim De Niro’s girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who gave birth to the actor’s seventh child this year, issued an ultimatum to get rid of the former assistant. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

When Robinson’s lawyers said he twice asked the assistant to scratch his back, De Niro shot back, “OK. Twice? OK. OK, you got me . I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry, this is embarrassing.”

He also said, “What you’re trying to say was never meant to be disrespectful or rude or mean. Shame on you, Chase Robinson.”

Before filing her 2019 lawsuit, De Niro filed his own.

The $6 million suit accused Robinson of improperly using the company’s credit card, watching TV on company time and stealing frequent flyer miles for personal trips.


Robert De Niro arrives in court in New York

Robert De Niro is also suing Graham Chase Robinson, accusing him of personal expenses on his company. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

In 2022, Robinson came forward to accuse De Niro of retaliation with his lawsuit in 2019. The former assistant said she found text messages between De Niro’s staff confirmed that the actor’s lawsuit was filed to “humiliate” him, according to court documents previously obtained by Fox News Digital. In one text exchange, a longtime employee of De Niro said that Robinson “threatened to sue Bob so they wanted to destroy him first.

The employee also said the figure De Niro was suing Robinson for was “just a random number… [t]from humility.” “It’s not how they plan to go to court,” the employee told him in the text exchange.

Robinson’s attorney, Alexandra Harwin, a partner at Sanford Heisler Sharp, said in a statement shared by Fox News Digital that De Niro fabricated claims that they “tarnished” her client’s reputation. at the time.

“It is completely illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination in the workplace,” Harwin said. “But this is exactly what Robert De Niro did to Miss Robinson, making claims that she would destroy her reputation and humiliate her because he knew she was going to expose her behavior.

Robert De Niro arrives in court in New York City.

Graham Chase Robinson sued Robert De Niro for $12 million, alleging verbal harassment and discrimination. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

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