Robert Downey Jr. Expects an Era of ‘Fiscally Responsible Cinema’

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Robert Downey Jr. feels successful at Oppenheimer we could announce a new era for cinema.

The 58-year-old actor starred in Christopher Nolan’s box office as Lewis Strauss and he believes it could lead to a new type of blockbuster that can control budgets while maintaining the hype of a big movie.

Downey said The New York Times:”Financially responsible event cinema. It’s almost laughable in the face of what I grew up in: The 80s, bloated, big-budget behemoth you go, ‘It doesn’t matter, because they are still going to double their money.”

Nolan admitted that he was also taken by the figures put up by the film – which tells the story of the “father of the atomic bomb,” J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy).

Asked if others doubted the film’s box office appeal, the 53-year-old director said: “Oh yeah. They were saying that to me until the night it opened.”

He sent

So that opening weekend was interesting. The numbers coming in were against our greatest hopes. We’ve always been good at putting challenging stuff out there, but it was a big surprise to (my wife and producer) Emma (Thomas) and me at the level at which he worked. Because we had made the film very effectively.

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Nolan recently explained that he “always wanted” to work with the entrepreneur iron man star before giving him a role in the atomic bomb blockbuster.

The tenet the director said: “With anyone you’re working with, with actors … you’re looking for some kind of emotional connection, empathy. You are looking for a kind of generosity. he is [Downey Jr. ] this incredible generosity of spirit. It means that when he is in a scene with other people he makes sure that they are all doing their best, that they can all bring their best to the table. It helps them clarify those emotional connections.”

Oppenheimer premiere on Peacock streaming on February 16.

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