Robert Downey Jr on ‘Vertigo’ remake: ‘We can do it better’

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Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most revered directors of all time. That’s why remakes of his stuff are usually not good. Robert Downey Jr. hopes to change that. Although not all of Hitchcock’s films were the biggest hits of the time, and some of his works never got a reprise, he is now considered one of the greatest. better. From Psycho to Rebecca, it’s responsible for some of the most iconic thrillers ever made. Psycho especially since he decides to kill the top billing star very quickly. No such thing was done right when the movie was released.

It is undoubtedly one of Hithcock’s masterpieces Vertigo. The story of a police detective turned private eye, with a great fear of heights. That’s the one that Robert Downey Jr. to redo for some reason.

Downey spoke with him recently The New York Times and explained the thinking behind trying to remake an all-time classic…

Not even dangerous. It is suggested that it is foolish to even consider [remaking Vertigo]. Great, let’s check it out! At first, who would be our partners? Love them, respect them. Second, let me read the original synopsis again. I think we can do better. [Laughs.]

Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions
Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions

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Downey said he has “been rock climbing before and got stuck in that shock freeze, and if it wasn’t for the sheer embarrassment, I would have asked to be lifted off that rock. The experience made him “think that there are cinematic tools that have not yet been fully utilized that I think experience would provide. “

There is no real news on when we can look forward to such a remake, but we hope it will be more successful than other attempts at Hitchcock adaptations.

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