Ron DeSantis Says Floridians Should ‘Buckle Up’ For More Disney Discord, But They’d Rather Just Get Out Of The Car

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The continuous Ron DeSantis/ The Disney controversy continues to make the Florida Governor and 2024 Republican candidate very angry. His latest move includes investigating taxes on Disney Hotels and adding tolls to roads leading to the Magic Kingdom.

A little background: Disney earned the governor’s wrath when they opposed his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. He fired back by trying to strip Disney of control over a taxing district called The Reedy Creek Improvement District, which handles development in the Disney area. As soon as he found out that Florida taxpayers would have to cover that if Disney didn’t, he put his little tail and walked it back.

He then burned the board in charge of the area and replaced it with his own pickets. This new board, called the Central Florida Tourism Study District, would have direct say over what Disney could or could not build on the property. There was even talk that the board would be able to direct content in the parks to be more “family friendly”.

“When you lose your way, you have to have people who are going to tell you the truth,” the governor said at the time. “Every member of this board would like to see the kind of entertainment that every family will appreciate.”

Checkmate DeSantis? Not so fast. Disney, in a move for the history books, per Politico, held public meetings quietly taking all power away from the board, so when the new board arrived, they were disappointed that they could not visit DeSantis added in the park (this is his joke, but unbelievable if it happened).

Not only that, they gave the Governor a big FU in there too, making him look a bit silly. The new agreement will not expire “until twenty-one (21) years after the death of the last surviving descendant of King Charles III.” Basically, when two decades later England decides that it is not she wants more members of the royal family. Hilarious!

DeSantis is great. Especially since he made a big deal about saying “there’s a new Sheriff” in town. Too bad the new Sheriff can only maintain roads and signs right now. Even better, Disney played it cool the whole time, saying “We’re focused on the future and we’re ready to work within this new framework.

Now the latest: “That story is not over yet. Beat up. There’s more coming down the pike,” DeSantis said today, echoing his “sheriff” attitude that made him look just as weak in retrospect. A big threat? Adding tolls on roads and taxes on hotels. Spooky.

“They’re no better than the people of Florida,” he said at Hillsdale College in Michigan on Thursday. “Ultimately, we’re going to win on every issue related to Disney, I can tell you that. The new powerless board has also hired four law firms to investigate Disney’s legal decision. How much will that cost taxpayers?

This seems counterproductive to everyone. According to a recent study by Oxford Economics, Disney has an annual economic impact of $75.2 billion on Central Florida, has created 463,000 jobs (and counting) and brings in $5.8 billion in tax revenue. state. It would seem that it would be in the best interest of both to continue with business as usual, but unfortunately DeSantis is a child. We will keep you informed.

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