Roxy Jacenko addresses divorce rumors with Oliver Curtis and moving to Singapore

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Roxy Jacenko has confirmed she is moving to Singapore to be with her husband Oliver Curtis, after the couple were plagued by divorce rumours.

In an interview with The Kyle & Jackie O Showthe PR guru revealed that the divorce rumors didn’t come directly from anywhere, saying that the idea of ​​a divorce was floated between the couple when it was only Curtis who was moved.

“I basically said to Ollie, ‘Look, you go to Singapore and I’ll stay here’. And he’s like, ‘well, I don’t know if that’s going to work,'” she told the radio hosts.

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Roxy Jacenko, Oliver Curtis
Roxy Jacenko and her family are moving to Singapore. (Instagram)

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“And I was like, ‘well, it’s worked for the last five years’,” she said Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O about her long relationship with Curtis, which saw him often split his time between Singapore and Tasmania.

After the couple argued about the move, Jacenko then said that Curtis must be a resident of Singapore because of his job and the benefits that came with being a resident.

When she asked what her options were, he said they would have to divorce.

Jacenko told him the story The Kyle & Jackie O Showsaying she was “good” with that decision.

“So just give me the papers, I’ll sign the paperwork so we can get a divorce. You do your work there and I’ll stay here. And we’ll visit,” said the mother of two.

Roxy Jacenko
Roxy Jacenko has opened up about her marriage to Oliver Curtis. (Instagram)

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Jacenko and Curtis’ marriage has come under scrutiny in recent months, when it was revealed that she sold the family’s Vaucluse mansion and to close some of her businesses.There are

But for the sake of their children, Pixie, 11, and Hunter, 8, Jacenko decided that the whole family would move to Singapore.

Roxy Jacenko and her children Pixie and Hunter.
Roxy Jacenko and her children Pixie and Hunter. (Instagram)

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She talked about being the main carer of the children and being too easy on them, saying yes when they ask for anything they want.

“I don’t know for, like, so many years, I’ve just had the kids, and I’m very much with them. ‘Yeah, you can have that!’ Yes, you can have another 1000 bucks!’,” Jacenko said of him her parenting style.

“They need a father around, they need that control.”

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