RRR’s multiple snubs prove that the Oscars need to improve

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Perhaps the biggest turn-on in this year’s Oscars nominations list, SS Rajamouliand RRR looks like one of the strongest contenders to make it in a few categories at this year’s Oscars. When everyone expected an easy announcement RRR in the Best Picture category, the snub by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences feels like one of the biggest movie disappointments of the year. Although not everyone in Hollywood can stop raging RRRthe Oscar snub shows how the Academy prefers to stick to a particular view of cinema that it intends to protect at any cost.

Oscar snubs are nothing new to film lovers who have seen many beloved films rejected by the prestigious Academy. However, to award a single nomination for one of the year’s biggest surprise hits shows that the Academy refuses to recognize the uniqueness of RRR as a film that has gathered audiences around the globe. Just limiting appreciation to the Best Song for a Motion Picture category, which introduced moviegoers to an unfamiliar way of filmmaking, shows the Academy’s eye-opening manipulation of audience preferences. blind

‘RRR’ redefines the idea of ​​an Action Film

More than anything, RRRhis most important achievement is his ability to redefine what movies, especially action movies, should be like. It seems strange when the Academy can admit it Top Gun: Maverick for the Best Picture category, he refused to do so for RRR and the only difference is that action RRR brings to the table a contrast to the perception of action films that Hollywood has cultivated. And for this very reason, RRRAn Oscar snub will be all the more worrying because it shows that the Academy’s preferences lie on a narrow spectrum of imagination that denies accepting films like RRR which wants to break out of the mold of action films. Bheem (Jr NTR) the giant tiger fight scene and the palace entry scene heighten the significance of what action scenes could be aiming for.

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Beyond the action, RRR should be nominated for Best Picture for the way it presents audiences with a refreshing style of filmmaking – a style in which every shot is thought out and arranged to surprise to raise It is one of the most positive effects of RRR because a piece of cinema has been able to prove that cinema can be larger than life but leave a deeper impact than any other. SS Rajamouli’s cinema thinks of its protagonists as the personification of heroism. In the entry view for Ram Charanand Raju, he fights a large crowd of protesters alone, and in one of the most emotional scenes in the film, Bheem continues to receive whippings without giving up his pride . In these moments, the two main characters rise above their human limits as if they were the leaders of a superhero movie, but they still bleed and suffer. RRR’s the series can be traced to a brand of cinema that eschews the limits of what is possible in favor of what is interesting – something that is frowned upon in cinema circles. Of course, there are those times RRR that was a sight to witness and that made audiences think they were seeing something rarely seen in movies anymore.

In any other film, the bridge scene in which Raju and Bheem come together to save a boy trapped in flames would seem absurd; but in the world of RRR, the scene fits perfectly. RRR pulls the biggest stunt here by not showing the main characters jumping off the bridge but by encouraging belief in the moment without the help of any logic to back it up. RRR’s gravity-defying stunts work because of the conviction and vision behind them. The same conviction affects the scenes that are not so beautiful in the movies. When the action comes down and emotions take over, the effect remains the same. The flashbacks, the heat-inducing scenes, the dance-worthy music, and the emotional moments all make for great cinema that RRR and for something that is not attempted.

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‘RRR’ was panned because it goes against Hollywood expectations

For the Academy, RRR’s An obvious weakness would be the absurd treatment of his characters and the over-the-top world building, which are obvious byproducts of the creative vision and exceptional filmmaking behind the film. But by basing its decision on these factors alone, the Academy has rejected the film’s seemingly massive appeal. RRR possessing because of the very things he deems inappropriate to name. It’s not that the Academy refuses to accept popular films: Inclusion Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Path of Water proving that the Oscars have made peace with films that have been widely accepted among audiences.

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But RRR stands apart from these films because although it is very popular, it is one contender that did not fit the Hollywood mold. In fact, the very reasons that did RRR stand out and find popularity among movie audiences around the world became his Achilles heel when it came to being honored by the Academy. Even when top films are accepted, the Academy likes to keep its own idea of ​​what those films should look like rather than accepting films as RRR for their creative merit and ability to inspire critics and audiences. The climactic fight scene in the forest is in itself a lesson in the execution of climactic action. Uninhibited nature RRR’s the action ends with a scene that could make money for a big-budget Hollywood action production. But the biggest obstacle is the Academy’s tendency to deny international films the credit they deserve. RRR’s path while maximalist films such as Everything everywhere at onceAvatar: The Waterway, and Elvis did not find such a problem.

‘RRR’ is another title on the long list of international films snubbed at the Academy

The Academy has a long history of awarding international films. RRR just another entry on this list of international films that was overlooked because it’s not told in English. This year, Chan Wook Parkand Decision to leave another victim of this inherent bias that exists when the Academy sits down to consider deserving nominees. The fact that there are only a handful of international films such as the 1937s A great illusion and 2012 Amour made the cut for the Best Picture category does not mean that there are not enough international films to meet the high standards set by the Academy. The low number of international films actually nominated and the even lower number that won an Oscar just shows the ignorance the Academy has shown regarding non-American and British films. The recent victory for Bong Jo Hoonand A parasite and nominated last year for Ryusuke Hamaguchiand Drive My Car they are a departure from the Academy’s terrible history when it comes to crediting international films. The RRR and Decision to leave this year’s snubs are an even bigger source of embarrassment for the Academy, which sees itself as the preeminent authority on films.

RRR tiger sight
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‘RRR’ remains special despite its wide appeal

Among the films that fought for this year’s Oscars, yes. RRR deserves more attention and respect only because it is able to stick to its origin and deliver a story and a film that reflects the cultural philosophy and sensibility of everyone involved in making it. When A parasite to be the winner for Best Picture, it gave hope that the Academy will finally give due respect to films that are related to film fans even though, of course, they are still different in their authentic recognition RRRCharacters, themes and stories run on the same relatability that makes such films popular with all kinds of audiences, not just action movie audiences. The historical setting of RRR with two fictional protagonists inspired by real people from Indian history giving the film a uniquely Indian foundation. Despite a story that relies heavily on her nationality, RRR’s global appeal is linked to its themes of love, brotherhood, and revenge. Although the story is primarily related to British-Indian history, the themes help to give an element of friendship to an audience that may not be aware of the actual history.

By avoiding RRR, the Academy has proven once again that while it allows wisdom to prevail, more often than not, it allows its self-defined limitations to get in the way of Dolby’s entry into the ceremony. Studios. If there is anything, enter RRR beyond the best song would have been a sign that the Academy is willing to move beyond these limits. The Oscars, of course, need to get with the times and start including big international films like RRR if he wants to stay relevant. Although RRR’s The song “Naatu Naatu” keeps the Oscar dream alive, it’s time for the Academy to look again at the parameters on which it chooses the most worthy films. Maybe they’ll find that out eventually RRR deserves more credit than has been given.

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