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Russia has lost 1,190 soldiers and 18 artillery systems in the past day, Kyiv’s military has said, with more than 300,000 of Putin’s troops reported to have been killed since the offensive began.

The Ukrainian military general staff announced on Sunday that Russia had lost 318,570 soldiers and 7,744 artillery systems as of February 2022.

Battlefield losses cannot be independently verified, and the Kremlin has yet to comment on the Ukrainian figures.

Moscow also published an update on Sunday, claiming that 605 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed over the past 24 hours, although it did not provide a Russian estimate of total Ukrainian losses sustained during the conflict.

The defense ministries of Russia and Ukraine have been contacted for comment.

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In today’s update, Ukraine said its air defense systems had destroyed 15 out of 20 Iranian-designed Shahed drones used by Russian forces.

38 strike drones were launched overnight on the territory of​​​​​​​​Ukraine, he said.

According to Kyiv, Russia launched missiles and 76 aircraft against Ukraine over the previous 24 hours.

Since the start of the war, Moscow has maintained a campaign of missile, drone and artillery strikes on the country, but is expected to launch a new campaign of missile strikes on Ukrainian targets including its energy infrastructure, as harsher winter conditions are affecting battle tactics, reports Newsweek .

“As winter approaches, there will be more Russian efforts to make the strikes more powerful,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his daily address yesterday afternoon, saying: “It essential for all of us in Ukraine to be 100 percent effective. .”

Ukraine said today that more than 150 of its settlements in the north, east and south of the country have come under gunfire over the past day, and that fighting continues around the town of Avdiivka Donetsk, who have spent months on the front lines.

“Our warriors are constantly maintaining their defense, causing heavy losses to the enemy,” continued the General Staff.

Russia did not mention the town in its update, but said its southern forces group had repelled six Ukrainian attacks around the Donetsk town of Marinka and the towns of Klishchiivka and Shumy.

Ukrainian forces recorded 22 attacks around Marinka, Kyiv said.

More than 100 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and three armored vehicles were destroyed in Zaporizhzhia in the south of the country, according to the Moscow Defense Ministry.

The area has been annexed by the Kremlin, but this is not internationally recognized and Vladimir Putin’s forces do not control the entire area.

Some of the heaviest fighting against Ukraine’s offensive, which began in June, has also been seen in the south of the country.

It comes as the Ukrainian army says it has pushed Russian troops back between three and eight kilometers on the banks of the Dnipro River.

If the breakthrough is confirmed, it would represent the first meaningful one that Kyiv forces have launched months into an offensive that has so far failed to produce significant territorial gains.

“Preliminary figures vary from three to eight kilometers, depending on the details, geography and topography of the left bank,” military spokeswoman Natalia Gumenyuk told Ukrainian television.

She did not specify whether the Ukrainian military was in full control of the area or whether Russian forces had retreated.

The two forces have been stationed on either side of the large waterway in southern Kherson for more than a year.

Russian troops abandoned the west bank a year ago and took up positions in the east.

Since then, they have been regularly attacking Ukrainian towns and cities.

Ukrainian forces have made several attempts to cross the canal and establish a position on the Russian-controlled side.

It comes after Kyiv officials announced that the Ukrainian military had finally made a “successful” advance last week.

The Ukrainian military, after gaining several footholds on the east bank, said it repelled 12 Russian attacks over the weekend.

According to officials Russia lost about an army’s worth there in just one month.

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