Russian missiles kill 12 in Dnipro in ‘horrific’ attack, death toll expected to rise | World | News

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Russia has launched a new wave of attacks on Ukraine, as 12 people were killed when a nine-storey apartment block collapsed in the city of Dnipro. Vladimir Putin is also known to be targeting the country’s energy infrastructure.

Rescue teams worked through the night in freezing temperatures to find survivors.

Local officials said people were still alive under the wreckage.

In a social media video Mikhailo Lysenko, the deputy mayor of Dnipro said that survivors could be heard screaming under the rubble.

He said: “They send SMS-es regularly.

“We stop our work every now and then to be quiet and we can hear people screaming from under the rubble.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the death toll in the Dnipro attack is likely to rise.

He also asked for more help from allies to provide more weapons to end “Russian terror” as well as attacks on civilians.

Mr Zelensky said the second and ninth floors of the damaged section of the building had collapsed.

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They were also seen searching through debris against the backdrop of a large hole of metal and concrete.

Wounded people were pictured being carried away on stretchers.

Critical infrastructure in Kyiv and elsewhere was also hit, with Ukraine’s energy minister, German Galushchenko, admitting that the coming days would be “difficult.”

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