Russian mourners vow to ‘crush enemy’ after Ukraine kills up to 400 in Makiivka strike | World | News

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Russian mourners have vowed to “crush the enemy together” after Ukraine leveled a barracks in Makiivka on New Year’s Eve. About 200 people laid roses and wreaths in Samara as an Orthodox priest recited a prayer.

Samara, the eighth largest city in Russia, was home to some of the servicemen stationed in Makiivka.

Soldiers also fired a gun salute at the memorial and some mourners clutched flags for Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party, the Guardian said.

Ekaterina Kolotovkina, head of a group of military spouses, said at the ceremony: “It’s very difficult, it’s scary. But we can’t be broken. Grief unites.”

Ms Kolotovkina also said she asked her husband, who is a general, to “take revenge” on the victims.

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She said: “We will create the enemy together. We have no choice.”

Ukraine said 400 people died after a Himars attack leveled a Russian military barracks in the east of the former Soviet state.

Some pro-Russian separatists seem to have been convinced by Kyiv’s estimates, which showed that “about 400” people had died.

Kremlin supporters in the region have argued that “hundreds” had died, according to the Telegraph.

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Ultra-nationalist politicians in Russia described the attack as a “tragedy” and blamed its military for being too reckless.

Officials in Donetsk on Monday appeared to mourn Russian victims for giving away their location via mobile phone data.

They claimed that Ukraine was able to detect “abnormal activity of the mobile network and the location of the subscribers”.

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