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Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smartboth 47, appeared together in the 2005 holiday flick Just Friends. Now, they’re reuniting in a fun ad campaign that pays homage to the hilarious movie that brought them together as besties nearly two decades ago! “2023, New Jersey,” the scene is set when Amy (as her character, Jamie Palomino) enters the living room to see Ryan (Chris Brander) inspecting their Christmas tree and ‘ ask how her day went. “Mmm, I’ve had better days,” she says as she chugs a bottle of Aviation American Gin – the brand of the Free guy a star just like that happens to co-own. “The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin,” she deadpans, to which Reynolds throws his head back and cries in mock horror. “Oh no, that’s so bad!”

Amy then breaks character to ask if they can just “cut this,” and the onscreen couple find themselves in front of a green screen. “This is weird,” Amy says. Ryan says they should try again, so Amy, back in the faux living room, again approaches him with the problem. “Oohhhh f***!” Ryan then screams, and Amy again asks if they can “cut.” “That was a big reaction,” she said, concerned.

“Well, it’s been 18 years, you know, I think the characters have changed quite a bit,” he says. In a third attempt at the scene Amy points out that the gin bottle she has is full, so the bar can’t be out of it – at which point she thinks they are filming what she calls a “stupid ad for you. gin company.” “It’s a self-funded sequel,” he said.

Amy calls the move “dirty,” to which Ryan says, “Don’t work with your heroes, okay?” “You’re not my f***** hero!” Amy returns, the sound of glass breaking off the screen. In the caption, Ryan included the lyrics to the iconic song featured in the film, All-4-One’s “I Swear.”

Fans were there for the long-awaited reunion between the iconic characters, and took to the YouTube comments thread to sound off. “This Thanksgiving, we should definitely be thankful for Ryan Reynolds,” one fan wrote, while another wrote, “Just Friends needs a sequel, such a great movie. The series is not complete without ‘I Swear’ being sung again.” A third said to Amy, “It’s great to see Amy Smart doing so well! And still beautiful!! “…

Ryan starred in the original film as a small-town geek who heads to Hollywood, only to find himself back home in New Jersey ten years later while awkwardly romancing his long-time high school crush. period, played by Amy.

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