Ryan Reynolds continues his battle with Rob McElhenney for the most unconventional birthday present ever

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Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds far from a normal person, so it should come as no surprise that his version of a gift falls more on the special side. Earlier today, the Deadpool the star took to Twitter and YouTube to congratulate his good friend Rob McHelen on his 46th birthday, and what better way to do that than with a music video dedicated solely to him?

Since McElhenney rose to fame by creating and participating in It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, he is frustrated by the constant mispronunciation of his last name. Truth be told, it’s not the easiest thing to pronounce, but putting himself in McElhenney’s shoes, Reynolds decided it was time for people to learn. So, the actor took matters into his own hands by creating and singing a song about it.

The music video features many other famous faces alongside Reynolds, including Always sunny stars Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Kaitlin Olson, McElhenney’s wife. Various scenes also feature the football club the two friends bought together, Wrexham AFC, and a fantastic dance at a pub.

This is not the first time that McElhenney and Reynolds have exchanged unusual gifts. Just last year, Reynolds dedicated a urinal to his co-owner, and in response, the Always sunny showman celebrated his friend’s birthday by placing a rather inappropriate picture of Reynolds as an unmasked Deadpool on a giant blimp. Reynolds promised to get back to it in 2023, and as we’ll see, he made good on his promise.

All in all, a music video is far from the worst thing Reynolds could have come up with.

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