Saints & Sinners PS VR2 update in detail, got better visuals

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution making its way to PC and PlayStation VR2 on March 21st. The PS VR2 version joins an enhanced port of the original, which Skydance Interactive talked more about recently. The team went over some of these improvements in a new trailer and also detailed who gets a free upgrade and who needs to shell out some extra cash.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners lighting will be better on PS VR2, as shown by the more vibrant sunsets in the aforementioned trailer. Skydance also noted that it would have “enhanced environments” but did not elaborate on what that meant. However, seeing as if it was fixed with the game after updating gameplay and animation, it seems that it just means that it looks better and more detailed overall on PS VR2 .

Owners of the original PS VR version will be able to get a discount on this new port depending on which version they have. Those who have the Tourism Edition on PS VR get the update for free, while those with the standard one will have to pay $10. The vanilla version of Saints & sinners previously as part of PlayStation Plus in November 2021 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the headset, meaning that many may only have to pay $10 for the game instead of the full price.

Saints & sinners players will be able to transfer their save to Chapter 2. As long as they are both updated to the latest version, there will be an option on the main menu of the first game to export the save and another option in the menu of the second game to import it. Skydance said it is working to make this a cross-platform feature and ComingSoon has reached out to find out if this feature will be in at launch, if PS VR owners who choose not to update their saves exported to PS VR2 version of. Chapter 2, and if players can import their PS VR save of the first game into the enhanced port on PS VR2. This article will be updated as those responses come in.

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