Samuel L. Jackson would return for the Mace Windu series

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Samuel L. Jackson would return for the Mace Windu series on Disney +, as he insists that the Jedi Master is “not dead!”

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Move over, Nick Fury, it’s Mace Windu’s time to shine! At least, that’s what would happen if Samuel L. Jackson had anything to do with it. Jackson originally played Mace Windu Star Wars: The Phantom Menacebut unfortunately, the Jedi Master met his end there Revenge of the Sith after Anakin cut off his hand and was sent out the window by Palpatine’s Force lightning. However, Jackson is confident that Mace Windu is not dead and would jump at the chance to return for a series on Disney +.

While speaking to Empire for their magazine celebrating 25 years since the Star wars prequel trilogy, Samuel L. Jackson had only one thing to say about Mace Windu’s death: “HE IS NOT DEAD!!!” Plus a brief voiceover scene in The Rise of SkywalkerMace Windu has not returned from the dead, but when asked if he would like to do a Mace Windu series for Disney+, Jackson said: “ALL YES!!

Jackson has always maintained that Mace Windu did not die there Revenge of the Sithand to be fair, if Darth Maul could live cut in half and falling down a leg, I’d bet Windu could survive losing a hand and falling off a building. Dude is a Jedi Master, after all.

Samuel L. Jackson is currently seen in Matthew Vaughn’s Argyll, starring Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway, an acclaimed author of a series of best-selling espionage novels who has an idea of ​​a happy night at home with her computer and her cat, Alfie. But when the pieces of Elly’s fictional books – which are based on secret agent Argyle (Henry Cavill) and his mission to unravel a global espionage syndicate – begin to reveal the hidden activities of a real spy organization, quiet nights at home become a thing. of the past. Sam Rockwell also stars as Aiden, a cat-allergic spy who races around the world to stay one step ahead of the killers as the line between Elly’s fictional world and the real one her husband is starting to get blurry. You can check out a review from our very own Chris Bumbray here.

Would you like to see Samuel L. Jackson return as Mace Windu for the Disney+ series?

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