Sarunas Jackson is inconsistent with girl support

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All eyes are still on the Jackson brothers, and it doesn’t look like the attention will die down anytime soon. Currently, Sarunas Jackson involved in his own legal battle with the mother of his daughter, the actress Dominic Perry.

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In September, Sarunas filed a petition to establish the parental relationship of their five-year-old daughter Zen, all in all. He reportedly requested that the court grant him legal and physical custody.

However, DomiNque is not giving up without a fight. A Texas man asked that Sarunas’ petition be denied. According to Radar Online, she says their relationship has been on the rocks since Zen was born. Despite Sarunas’ claims of “emotional instability and fear,” DomiNque says she has tried to foster “a positive co-parenting relationship” for “the best interest.” at Zen.

Source Explains Adoption Battle Between Dominque Perry And Sarunas Jackson

DomiNque also hit back by asking to have the case dismissed in California.

In court documents obtained by The Shade Room, filed in Texas, DomiNque petitioned the court to order Sarunas Jackson to pay child support, including medical and dental, as specified by her ‘court.

She also asks the court that the child’s father will cover all attorney’s fees, costs and expenses during the trial.

The Shade Room contacted a source close to DomiNque’s team, and they were able to share some insight into the custody battle between the actors.

“In the five years at Zen, Sarunas has helped inconsistently. Most of the time, DomiNque repeatedly asked for all financial support, which made her feel like she was begging,” a source shared with TSR.

The source added, “Zen has not been supported since August 2023 when it suddenly stopped working. Soon after, he filed a petition. “

The source explained that DomiNque suggested a temporary move to Houston to give their daughter stability and a stable education plan because Zen is on the autism spectrum. Although she works high, this was one of the main reasons that DomiNque wanted to return to Houston. Another reason is the economic disparity in states.

The mother also wants Zen to be surrounded by “love and support,” which the source says is lacking in Los Angeles.

The source made it clear that the actress is more concerned about her daughter’s mental state and welfare than money.

“Unfortunately, the last time Sarunas got to be with Zen was in mid-October, to take his annual Halloween Instagram photos to post. Since October, Sarunas has not called DomiNque to FaceTime or call anyone in her family to check on Zen,” the source said.

Source Alleges that Sarunas and his family had been abusive to the girl’s mother

Additionally, the source says the “Games People Play” star has not asked about his daughter’s education since filing his petition in September. The parents had previously agreed to visit schools in Los Angeles and Texas.

“DomiNque visited her choice in Los Angeles, but surprisingly, as agreed, instead of visiting the school of her choice in Texas, she received an emergency restraining order stating that she ‘ kidnap their daughter and ask her not to leave the state. from California with a toddler,” the source said.

Before ending the conversation, the source also mentioned the ongoing headlines about Sarunas’ younger brother, Darius Dalton Jacksonand Keke Palmer.

Keke accused Darius Jackson of domestic violence in filings for custody of their infant son Leo and a restraining order. A judge granted Palmer full custody and a temporary restraining order against Daulton last week Thursday. They will return to court in December.

As for Sarunas Jackson, among the films, he shared and later deleted a post on X defending his brother. After Keke’s mother addressed the role, the actor denied that she had ever abused a woman he is involved with. Our source claims that’s not the whole truth.

“The statement made by Sarunas about NOT abusing a woman he was involved with is false! DomiNque has been mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually abused,” the source said.

The source added:

“[DomiNque] he was harassed, manipulated, and intimidated [Sarunas Jackson] and some family for five more years.”

Although the legal drama is ongoing, the source was happy to share that DomiNque and Zen are in Texas and that her priority is to provide stability for her daughter.

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