Saudi Arabia or South Africa? Ronaldo falls over a mega-move

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Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo slipped the tongue over his new megabucks contract on Tuesday when he appeared to say he had moved to South Africa rather than Saudi Arabia, the home of his latest club Al Nasr.

“Coming to South Africa is not the end of my career,” he told the media, as he was presented at the Riyadh club where thousands of fans supported his signature for around 200 million euros.

Ronaldo, 37, who played his entire career in Europe, made the mistake when he was talking about the offers he said came in from around the world after he left Manchester United.

“I had many offers in Europe, many in Brazil, Australia, the USA, even in Portugal,” said the Portuguese striker, who arrived in the oil-rich Saudi Arabian capital on Monday.

Ronaldo received a thunderous reception at the 25,000-capacity Mrsool Park, which erupted in cheers and pyrotechnics as he appeared in Al Nassr’s yellow and blue kit.


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