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Scandals are no big deal for Mark Zuckerberg – Gearrice Welcome to #Scandals #big #deal #Mark #Zuckerberg #Gearrice EODBA BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

As previously reported by Reuters, court filings show the parties have reached an agreement in principle and have requested a 60-day delay to finalize their written agreement. If there is no agreement, Zuckerberg And Sandberg was scheduled to be fired before September 20.

There are no details yet on the terms of the deal. Meta declined to comment through a spokeswoman, though attorneys for the plaintiffs have yet to respond to The Verge’s questions. Still, no matter how much he spends on VR, not getting things anymore is like spending a lot of money on Meta.

Scandals are no big deal for Mark Zuckerberg

now, zuckerberg, Instead of swearing to an opposing attorney about the details of what happened at his company during the 2016 election, he’ll just have to take questions from Joe Rogan and talk about his new VR headset.

hair, Your Facebook It claims it illegally shared user data with third parties and said the company did not adequately protect that data from being misused by bad actors. zuckerberg, He faced questions from Congress in 2018 that did not explain exactly what happened to Cambridge Analytica, which did little to clean up the scandal or was hired by Trump’s presidential campaign and was able to scrape data from millions of Facebook profiles.

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